Little Known Apps That Can Help You A Lot in Your Weight Loss Venture

I refuse to believe that the creature staring back at me from my bathroom mirror is me. Every morning it gives at me that sad grin and reminds me what years of sedentary indulgence have finally lead to. But I have resolved to rid my bathroom of this unwanted guest and restore the more slender, agile me. It is true what they used to say; an apple a day does keep the doctor away.

Thanks to my Apple iPhone packed full of wonderful little apps, the battle against my weight has a better chance of being won. With these babies come innovative ways of managing fitness regimes and keeping body fat in check; victory is assured. In this article I will show you a few little known Apps that can help you a lot in your weight loss venture!

iFitness: your new gym partner

It is not the world’s biggest selling fitness app by fluke. This clever little program has more fitness programmes and exercise than all your previous gym instructors combined. And it gives you the steps in text, images or ready-to-eat video format. iFitness works with what you have to give you a suitable workout. Whether you are enrolled in a state-of-the-art gym or want to use what you have at home, your virtual fitness partner will fix something up for you. If you’re a bit more familiar with fitness matters than your average Joe, iFitness can still help you come up with a timetable to target specific muscle groups.

The app supplies you with a body map that shows you the different muscles and, at the touch of a screen button, the routines best suited for each kind of muscle. And since you know what you’re doing, iFitness simply helps you come up with your own schedule and keep track of your progress by maintaining statistics of what you have accomplished in every workout. It also collects other vital data such as your BMI, weight and yes, your nutritional intake. All this is packaged in a personalized user profile easily navigated through the friendly GUI pioneered by Apple. So basically everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to geeks like you and I can benefit from this ingenious app. Sadly, the app is no longer available in the App Store, but third-party softwares can still help you get it.

Don’t just have it, Lose it!

It was traumatizing to realize I could no longer slide into my favourite blue jeans; at least not without hoping about for half an hour struggling to pull up the zip. You probably have been through the same thing. The best way to lose the frustrating rolls of fat is to control what you eat. I’ve already tried that, you say, but sticking at it is the problem. Well, Lose it!is an App designed to aid those of us with flagging willpower.

The many dietary options it has are tailor made to give your body the nutrients it needs in the right proportions. Lose it!also helps you keep track of your calorie intake and set achievable targets which you can boast about achieving through Twitter and Facebook widgets.

Keep in step with Pedometer PRO GPS+

A simply brilliant user-friendly that measures the distance you walk or run and tells you how many caloriesyou’ve burnt along the way. If you don’t care for weights or going to the gym, this is the app for you; forget iFitness or iPump. It is meant for those who are taking baby steps to fitness; walking to work instead of driving or going out to get lunch rather than ordering it in. And it is just as robust as the other apps; it helps you map out routes (thanks to the GPS) and set goals so that you have steady progress. The achievement of your milestones can similarly be trumpeted to your friends (and enemies) on Twitter and Facebook.

Guest article written by: Charles Mburugu is a professional writer who usually blogs about productivity tips for bloggers. He also writes about diet, weight loss, making money online and social media.

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  2. I can’t believe as well as very surprised to hear that now web application can also help to loss weight and remains fit all the time. Really iFitness is worth for the loss weight.

  3. hey thanks for this site I’m seriously loss weight by not eating in morning only coffee and banana daily and lunch for veggies with fish… i just visit your site 🙂


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