Why Bloggers Need to Be in Good Health in Order to Make Money and 12 Tips for a Blogger to Stay Fit

That most of us bloggers are in need of some form of physical fitness is beyond argument. Apart from the hours we condemn ourselves to behind our computers, we have a million and one obligations calling out for our attention such that we hardly have time to exercise. Personally, even on the days I wake up determined to put in at least half an hour of exercise something always comes up. If it’s not an emergency to do with the kids it’s the car that is broken down or a function you had neglected to diarize sneaking up on you.

Besides the sedentary lifestyle imposed by our chosen career or in fact, thanks to it, getting healthy food is also a challenge. While ordering coke and a burger only makes sense when you’re working against the clock to wrap up those write ups, it shows up on your waistline as those unutilized calories are converted into body fat.

Why Bloggers Need to Be in Good Health?

Now, being a fellow blogger, I understand that the more content you generate, the more the potential to make money online. Search engines thrive on content, and the more you have, the higher the chances of being ranked higher. And the more the people who follow the links on the results page to your blog, the higher your advertising revenue. All this is true, but in order for you to continue writing your articles, you need to be in good health. This is why you need a proper diet along with some regular exercise. But you don’t need to be signed up in a gym to work out.

Health and Weight Loss Activities That Can Fit Into a Busy Schedule

Here are some weight loss tips you can use that will fit seamlessly into your daily routine:

  1. A favourite among most people is the early morning run. Get up a few minutes earlier and jog around the neighbourhood.
  2. While in the house, turn on some music and dance or do some aerobics. If you run out of ideas check the internet. World renowned diet and fitness companies like Weightwatchers and TRXTraining provide countless tips of in-house workouts.
  3. Having a kick-about with the kids in the backyard for a couple of minutes helps you kill two birds with one stone; spend quality time with your children and improve your circulation.
  4. Take a walk, either by yourself or with the kids. You can spice it up with a couple of lunges or jumping jacks just to get the heart pumping. This small activity will stimulate your body and your mind, making you more alert and improving the quality and quantity of your output.
  5. Give the kids a ride in a play wagon or use a jogging roller instead.
  6. Let the kids ride their bikes or tricycles as you chase them with a light jog.
  7. Throw yourself into household chores. Trust me, you will burn calories.
  8. Use the stairs rather than the elevator.
  9. Drop off the bus or train a couple of stops before your destination to do some walking.
  10. When it’s time for your lunch break, take a brisk walk outside instead of ordering in. Burn calories and work on your circulation. Your mood will also brighten up.
  11. As you go about other tasks do some small stretches or yoga.
  12. Movie time can be a window for exercise; squeeze in sit ups during commercial breaks.

This is a post by Charles, a problogger who writes about weight loss programs and contributes to a weight loss website.

7 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Need to Be in Good Health in Order to Make Money and 12 Tips for a Blogger to Stay Fit”

  1. Do pushups while waiting for the microwave to finish your meal.
    When you’re having a burger, don’t eat the top bun, makes no huge different in taste but saves carbs.

  2. Wow!! These are some amazing ideas to stay fit such as drop off the bus or train before your destination and do some walking. Though early morning jogging is best and everyone should do it.

  3. Yes thats very important to be in good health. I’m a student pursuing engineering and also do blogging , but somehow i make some time and do my regular exercise.Really important to keep yourself calm and composed and exercise helps in achieving that

  4. Everyone should try and be in good health regardless if they are a blogger or not but blogging can make you sit a lot longer at your laptop then you ever planned on.

    I find walking to the grocery store every few days instead of driving is a good way to stay in shape. Buying more fresh food more frequently instead of going shopping once a week and buying lots of processed junk is also a great idea.

  5. Awesome tips, I’m always looking for tips regarding healthy lifestyle.
    However I’ve tested that eat less calories is the best way to be lean.
    Exercise is always important to preserve muscles, but remember that you’re what you eat!

  6. Yoga is remaining the best exercise for every age of group from the beginning. Including yoga to do aerobics is also very in demand trend in most of youngsters to fit healthy with enjoyment.

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