The Biggest Stars Produced By YouTube

YouTube has the biggest collection of people airing their views, showing their artistic talents and making a name for themselves. Similar to a written blog, these YouTube vloggers attract followers which increase their stardom in the YouTube community.

Here are ten YouTube stars:

Amanda Baggs

Amanda Baggs is an autism rights activist who published a video about her experience of suffering from autism. Her video caught the attention of CNN. An inspiring video that shows how she uses various sounds and items to express herself.

Jack Vale

Jack Vale is a firm YouTube favourite for his hidden camera jokes. He pulls pranks and records the public’s reactions, with hilarious outcomes. He’s pulled pranks on celebrities at the Grammy awards, which will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Jodie Rivera

Jodie Rivera was number one for the most subscribed female from 2008 to 2010. She has over one million subscribers and over 350 million video views. Her videos all include songs and events. She studying opera and has performed on several US productions. She has won numerous awards and has appeared in a range of US magazines.

Kip Kay

Kip Kay has over one million subscribers who follow his interesting “how to” videos where he shows you how to change everyday household items into funky gadgets. An example is one of his videos shows how to turn an average torch into a laser light.

Lauren Luke

A self-taught makeup artist with 468,000 subscribers. She teaches subscribers how to use make up for various styles as well as make up inspired by celebrities such as Leona Lewis, Jennifer Lopez and Avril Lavinge.

Photo by "branestawm" @ Flickr

Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson is the most subscribed vlogger on YouTube with 5.3 million subscribers and 1.7 billion video views. He runs commentary on viral videos and reviews and criticises them all. His videos are called Equals Three and are firm favourites on this video channel.


ZDoggMD is a doctor who works in California and has made YouTube videos including music and comedy around various medical issues from everyday problems faced in the hospital to medical conditions.

Shane Dawson

An American actor, comedian and musician who was ranked fifth for most subscribed. He makes comedy videos impersonating celebrities and spoofing television series’ and music videos.

Ryan Hinga (Nigahiga)

Ryan Hinga is known on YouTube for his comedy videos which have been viewed 1.1 billion times. He has 5.2 million subscribers. He started by loading videos of him lip-synching songs in 2006 which has his account suspended for copyright infringement. Since then, he now posts video blogs and behind the scene movies with his friend Sean Fujiyoshi.

Natalie Tyler Tran

This is the most subscribed Australian YouTube addition doing funny skits and monologues acted out by herself. She was twenty sixth most subscribed with over one million subscribers and 406 million videos.

Making videos online has become as popular as writing blogs online, these people make a name for themselves by airing their views and showing their skills through video blogs and YouTube is the biggest platform where they can place them to be viewed by the public.

Guest article written by: Jonny D has been involved in social marketing for a range of brands and currently works on behalf of Ladbrokes Roulette.

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  1. Youtube is a great way to stand out if you have creativity, unique skills or charisma. These examples are perfect to illustrate the power of Youtube. From my point of view, traditional bloggers should take advantage of this opportunity, in order to enhance their personal brand.

  2. Youtube is so famous, that you can actually become a celebrity by it. It gave the chance for people that have some skills to become well known. Really nice article about an aspect that is getting more popular all the time.

  3. You can become famous on YouTube very easy, all you need is something to say or do that captures attention.

  4. YouTube is the good platform to share video with other people either that video is on the based of some informative knowledge, for business purposes or on the basis of personal life. Most of the people prefer to see video mostly for the entertainment purpose to see movie.

  5. One of the stars from YouTube Australia is Natalie Tran (Community Channel). She has over a million subscribers. Her videos last for about 2-3 minutes and at the end of each video, she picks the best comments from the previous video and sometimes answers questions. YouTube is great way to showcase certain unique skills that one may have.


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