Advantages of using Cloud Storage for your Business

Using the cloud to store files and information online, rather than storing them in a hard drive is becoming more and more popular amongst business owners, but what are the main advantages of storing files online?


When you store files on the internet you can access them from wherever you are in the world which offers greater flexibility as to where, when and how you work.

Renting office space and housing staff can be expensive but cloud computing can eliminate the need for an office as everyone within a company can share documents and files and collaborate online easily.

As well as offering flexibility as to how work is carried out, most cloud computing providers will only charge you for the space you use, so you won’t be spending money unnecessarily. However if you need more space to implement new projects you can get access to it easily which will help your business to develop more effectively.


Using cloud computing allows anyone who has permission to access files via the internet. Organising files is easy and it’s simple to choose who has access to your files which helps maintain security.


When you use the cloud you can gain easy access to software and applications and won’t need to download to your hard drive which will make utilising new software quicker and easier. In addition you’ll be offered online trouble shooting and support so you won’t need to invest in extra IT services.

In addition to having greater access to new computing innovations you’ll save money by eliminating the need for software for PC’s, servers, and upgrades. You’ll also be able to run applications without using services internally which will cut your power usage and reduce costs.

Using cloud storage can have so many advantages for companies but at the least it will make collaboration easy which can only improve and develop your business.

This article was written by: Tom he works for the top cloud storage providers Egnyte. Egnyte are a great online storage company that also specialise in B2B file sharing.

6 thoughts on “Advantages of using Cloud Storage for your Business”

  1. Cloud storage will soon become an indespensible technology. The main issue is the security, if that’s handled properly everything will be ok.

  2. Although I’ve already heard a lot of the benefits of the cloud storage, I don’t trust them enough for storing my official, business and personal data. I know I’m old-schooled but I prefer the physical storages. Maybe I will change my mind if I will be assured, but now I think so.

  3. I personally use cloud backup alongside my normal backups to an external device. I think cloud is great and I use Carbonite and have never had any probelms with it but I dont think where your data is concerned you should put all your eggs in one basket as they say. I use cloud to compliment my other backup methods you can never be too safe. Nice article

  4. Development is the main reason why we chose to go with cloud, it makes it so much easier to work on documents from one area where all can make changes and suggestions.

  5. Mostly because of the storage and accessibility feature of cloud services are very in demand in most of the people becasue nowadays, mostly people specially involved in the business prefer to access their data from anywhere.


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