Integrated Health: Mobile Apps Unify Patient Care Journeys

For too long, navigating healthcare resembled an obstacle course for most consumers. Managing one’s health meant puzzling through disjointed apps tracking fitness data here, medical records there and Rx pickup reminders in another disconnected platform altogether. The perpetual administrative maze of bills, referrals and insurance claims piled stress atop already concerning diagnosis. Getting affordable access … Read more →

Researchers use Apple Watch to explore New Frontiers in Heart Health

In just one day, the heart of an average healthy adult beats for more than 100,000 times. The beating of the heart keeps on going even while we sleep, but goes largely unseen. With the use of the Apple Watch, what happens inside our bodies, particularly our apparently invisible heart, now becomes visible. Equipped with … Read more →

Mayo Clinic Researchers use AI and Apple Watch ECG to help detect Weak Heart Pump

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have created an artificial intelligence algorithm that can analyze single-lead ECG readings taken by the Apple Watch to help patients detect whether they could possibly have a weak heart pump, according to research data that was presented at the Heart Rhythm Society conference on Sunday, May 1. Left ventricular dysfunction, … Read more →

How Can Facility Automation Solutions Improve Working Conditions as Employees Return to the Office?

Through advancements in facility automation solutions and concerns raised by COVID-19, workplaces are taking advantage of facility automation solutions more than ever before Recently, more people have been returning to in-person work as the risk of COVID-19 declines due to vaccines and other prevention measures like mask mandates. Since we now have more tools and … Read more →

Apple celebrates Heart Month with New Apple Watch Activity Challenge and More

Apple has announced that it is rolling out a series of new heart health-related resources this February to support the health journeys of users in the US by encouraging them to keep moving and be informed. In a Newsroom post, Apple announced that a new Apple Watch Activity Challenge has been made available with a … Read more →

Apple Watch saves Unconscious Man after Falling off Electric Bike

A man in Hermosa Beach, California was riding his electric bike when he got into an accident, fell off of his bike in a bad way that he was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, the cyclist was wearing an Apple Watch, which immediately did its thing – upon recognizing that its wearer had fallen and was no … Read more →

Apple Fitness+ introduces Collections and Time to Run features

Apple has introduced two new features for the Apple Fitness+, namely a new Time to Run series as well as Collections. The new additions were announced on a Newsroom post and further enhance the existing Fitness+ offerings including guided workouts and walks. Both Time to Run and Collections will go live on January 10 for … Read more →

Apple Watch Fall Detection feature helped Save unconscious Elderly Man after Fall

The Apple Watch was reported to have helped save the life of an elderly man who took a hard fall, and thanks to the device, police were able to successfully locate him even when he was unconscious. It was the evening of November 28 when an 85-year-old man living all by himself in Ottawa fell … Read more →

Apple Watch ECG now Available to 30 more Countries as part of Update

Apple has released the watchOS 7.6 update to users worldwide on Monday, July 19, bringing along with it the expanded availability of Apple Watch features related to the heart such as irregular rhythm notifications and ECG functionality. In an update to Apple’s watchOS Feature Availability page, the watchOS 7.6 delivers ECG functionality to 30 additional … Read more →

Useful Health And Fitness Gadgets In 2021

Stay Healthy Guys Don’t you crave a healthy lifestyle in this hectic world? Don’t you hunt for good shape body and inner peace? Health is not an irregularity. You don’t always want to be called a couch potato. Fitness has to be on our checklist. The technology-driven scenario has brought a huge and imperative change … Read more →