How To Start E-Commerce Business In 2022?

Thanks to COVID-19- switching your business to online is now a thing of the past! Covid-19 has augmented the “eCommerce” trend by more or less 5 years. Yes, you heard it right! Did you know? Ecommerce had a 14.1% share of the worldwide retail sector in 2019, and Statista predicts that by 2023, 22% of … Read more →

How Can Facility Automation Solutions Improve Working Conditions as Employees Return to the Office?

Through advancements in facility automation solutions and concerns raised by COVID-19, workplaces are taking advantage of facility automation solutions more than ever before Recently, more people have been returning to in-person work as the risk of COVID-19 declines due to vaccines and other prevention measures like mask mandates. Since we now have more tools and … Read more →

Rethinking & Redefining Your Business Post Covid-19

Rethinking & redefining your business, post covid, are you looking to adapting the next  generation cutting edge technology SaaS to revolutionize your business operational environment,  which would elevate your graph to a higher platform of success. Post Covid one needs that badly.   Today one does not have enough time to train & implement software in … Read more →

10 Invaluable Lessons That The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us And How We Can Apply Them 

We will not forget the year 2020 in a hurry. While the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the year in every way, ravaging the world and shaking our social fabric to the core, there were at least a few positives: It compelled humanity to be at its inventive best, adjusting to an unprecedented scenario Technology solutions were … Read more →

Retail industry key trends and challenges amidst COVID-19

  Are you curious about the biggest retail trends taking place in traditional retailing and the ongoing challenges the industry is facing during Covid-19? This outlook will explore the key trends and challenges, along with the “how-to” question regarding implementing solutions. The retail market has gone down since the COVID-19 restricted the going out of … Read more →

How Automation can be used for faster recovery, revival and improved resilience in the wake of COVID-19

Practically every industry — CPG, manufacturing, Pharma, and Financial Services — is in pursuit of automation in the wake of COVID-19. It is the antidote to uncertainty, variability, unexpected breaks in business continuity and the need for scale. In the short term, over the next 18 months, process automation in the form of RPA will … Read more →

Post-COVID-19 Business: Three Stages of Preparing for the New Normal

No matter how strongly the pandemic has personally affected you, underestimating its impact on all areas of human life, including business, is at least silly. In one form or another, restrictions have affected almost all countries, and while the crisis continues to gain momentum, the leaders of the world’s largest organisations are trying to maintain … Read more →

5 Essential Entrepreneur Survival Tips During COVID

Being an entrepreneur during the COVID pandemic can prove challenging, depending on what industry and niche you’re in. Some industries have been more affected by COVID than others. At home and global economic uncertainty has caused serious issues in how businesses do business. Market cap is down 33 percent, showing the same numbers as 2008 … Read more →

Which will be more valuable in the upcoming years – Online or Offline? 

The 2019-20 pandemic has arisen in the increase of more online business. When all people across the world locked themselves inside their houses, many businesses went on the verge of dissolution. Buyers and sellers both were in trouble. Buyers could not buy their commodities as they could not step out. Sellers had to sit inside … Read more →

Staying Safe in Public Places During Pandemic

With the new changes in lifestyles that 2020 has brought, we are suggested to stay at home as much as possible. Until the pandemic is close to an end, the best would be to interact as little as possible with people outside your household. However, sometimes you can’t help but go to work if you’re … Read more →

Benefits of online community and web self-service for businesses during a time of remote working 

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are compelled to adapt and diversify to ensure that they remain fully operational.  With the majority of us not experiencing something like this before, it can become an overwhelming and disheartening time. In times like this, we must rely on social technology to ensure that we can … Read more →

Technology Predictions for 2021 and the Importance of MIS

Image Source As 2021 unfolds, staying ahead of the technological trends remain crucial. The year 2020 has been quite a dynamically changing year, forcing all sectors to embrace the change. With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc globally, the technological advancement set the new rhythm of transformation. The world that we inhabit today is unique from … Read more →