Rethinking & Redefining Your Business Post Covid-19

Rethinking & redefining your business, post covid, are you looking to adapting the next  generation cutting edge technology SaaS to revolutionize your business operational environment,  which would elevate your graph to a higher platform of success. Post Covid one needs that badly.  

Today one does not have enough time to train & implement software in organizations for months or years, to eventually make that change the organization is hoping to make. Enterprise  technology has become cumbersome, tedious and painful to implement and train resources. Sadly,  so complicated and time consuming, your resources don’t even last the time of on-premise tool  training period. Organizations lose millions in training employees and top executives fear  implementation only because of the complexity and fear of being deemed “failure in  implementation”. Executives who lack great leadership, or technical knowledge find it a  drawback to move on in their career. Well, on the other hand if top remarkable executives  implemented the Silo software’s successfully but do not find the greatest value or results from  the tools, then the organization still would find itself lingering in the war zone of incompetence  and failure of functioning effectively. End game money spent hugely for inefficacy and  proliferation of silo tools.  

The fact lies today one is impatient, individuals make organization, organization does not give  time to people but want phenomenal results at lightning speed. Frustrated resources flip  Organizations faster than companies flip bad employees, just for a higher pay but not necessarily  for better output or job satisfaction. Organizations fail to realize how damaging that can be when  they get, not so good resources, but have no problem absorbing resources at rapid speed only  because today the cost of recruiting a good employee is phenomenal and they believe all that they  read and see on LinkedIn or public media or an employee’s hyped resume which cannot be backed  by good solid work experience.  

Organizations need to grow at a fast velocity to be sustainable and compete at an extraordinary  pace than ever before. Not only to be leaders but to even be in the race. Thru time technology  has slowly evolved to help organizations grow and improve from manual accounting balance  sheet journals to digital, Paper to digital word & excel. Transition of technology has been Slow  journey to Silo software tools on premises. Which we all know has not only been very expensive,  slow and most complicated above all frustrating. Gradually organizations are struggling to  transform to cloud now.  

The journey of human transportation, from days of bull cart to Ford-T to 40miles per hour to  300miles per hour transition-Well it took 100years, A dream for all to still a dream for many and  till date a ride is expensive. Well, it’s time for 50 to 60 years of coding technology to change and  take technology to another level. When technology was introduced in the business world in the  80’s, we believed technology will one day control the world, true although it was always supposed 

be instrumental in changing how busy works but somehow technology took such a lead that it  began to control business itself. So much so, today technology in and of itself is the most  prosperous leading Industry.  

It’s time to rethink and redefine technology. That’s possible only if coding of technology changes  to “No-Coding”, and technology needs to adapt to the fast-changing business environment today.  Coding takes far too much time, money & resources. That’s got to change. Above all let’s not  forget technology is only an instrument in making any and all business better and faster, but if  that very element is dragging business to be slower and killing business because of the cost factor  to maintain technology, then technology needs to rethink how it works. Or Organizations will not  be around to support technology. The rate at which technology is costing, mere greed of the  industry would have killed the golden goose. 

We know one company SIMBYM, who has been doing just that brilliantly. They have taken  50/60yreas of coding to a drastic enterprise first approach “NO-CODING” Holistic Platform. Eliminating not only coding, but eliminating Silo’s, eliminating high-cost on-premise software’s,  helping legacy transformations with ease, eliminating time on training, eliminating complexity  of tools, eliminating cost on implementation, eliminating the concept and usage of vendor  perspective of how a tool ought to be. No vendor wants to customize for anyone but if they  agreed to do, it will cost an arm & a leg. What would it mean eliminating all of the expensiveness,  cut the chase and if a customer can customize their processes, work flow, with their people, and  get their solution with their nomenclatures, and all at a very insignificant cost? I know, our  expression was the same- “Wow Sounds Magical!”. 

It is magical! Yes, its Industry & Size agnostic. Custom tailored to your organization at low cost! Finally, a technology product company, who can help you transform your operations seamlessly  digital on cloud and ensure technology can cope at the speed of your business!  

Guest article written by: Ramamurthy (Sr. Consultant in Disruptive Technology),

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