How to Pick the Perfect Gaming Keyboard for Your Setup

If you’re one of the gamers who enjoy a good rig as much as a good game, then this article is for you. The perfect gaming keyboard can help boost your game performance. But there are several keyboards on the market today. Are you lost for choice? Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect gaming keyboard for your setup.


The best gaming keyboards come with many impressive features. However, in making a good choice, size matters as much efficiency. You can either opt for a full-size or a Tenkeyless keyboard. The full-size keyboard is a good choice for gamers who need much room for keys like alt codes and the number pad.

But if you want a smaller gaming keyboard for optimum control, going with the TKL design concept can be nothing short of a good idea. The tenkeyless model helps to keep the gaming mouse close to the WASD keys to ensure complete control.

Build Quality

Gamers usually have extensive to-do lists. A seamless combination of several peripherals and accessories is required to ensure a gamer’s day ends with all the glory from the battlefield. Some teammates may even leverage the best project management software to enhance team collaboration.

For gamers, a higher-quality keyboard is much more of a necessity than a luxury. Left for the average person’s typing experience, just about any keyboard will do. But that might not be enough for a gaming enthusiast to move through an entire Call of Duty session.

The build quality of gaming keyboards is crucial to ensure responsiveness at all times. Luckily, even the best cheap gaming keyboard can still be a durable buy. But high-end and expensive options come with extra features. Talk of abs keycaps to support that forceful keystroke you need to reach the next level. Keyboards like the Steelseries apex pro and HyperX have in-built mechanisms to reduce latency.

Choosing a gaming keyboard because of its top-notch build quality might be more helpful than considering only the price range. In the world of PC gaming, a cheap keyboard won’t have the same build quality as a more expensive option.

Keyboard Technology

For a keyboard to pull through its workload efficiently, the technology used for its build is essential. There are two leading keyboard technologies: membrane or mechanical. A whole lot of gamers may opt for a premium mechanical gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting abilities. It’s the only keyboard technology that serves that good-old aesthetics of click-clack mechanical keys.

This offers players a unique gaming experience. But with this experience comes a slight bump in the price tag worth. Membrane keys, on the other hand, are less accurate compared to mechanical keyboards. But they favor gamers with a firm keypress and may come at an affordable price.

Macros and Software Technology

What do you do when it takes only milliseconds to out game a competitor? Unfortunately, your hands might not always be a great option. That’s why the ever-growing game world favors automation. The Razer keyboard, for instance, allows gamers to save and load different profiles and macros in the cloud. With Razer’s synapse software, gamers can record an entire sequence of special keys and mouse clicks to trigger complex routines.


Gaming an entire day away under a dim-lit room comes with a different feel. But keyboard lighting is crucial whether you’re a pro with all the keys on your fingertips or a beginner who has only started. Of course, you can opt for a single color backlit keyboard, but key RGB lighting can be the best option, especially if you like to tailor your keyboard colors to your console’s wallpaper.

There are many ways to realize your RGB backlighting needs. And that fancy RGB lighting you saw online can be within reach. Today, many gamers can create customizable RGB lighting with software. Generally, it pays to consider factors like key rollover, mechanical switches, and illumination even with budget constraints. Enjoying the experience and scaling your battles is what matters.

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