Security vs Compliance: Understanding Key Points of Difference

In today’s digital age, IT security, and compliance are two essential terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings and objectives. Security and compliance are two critical aspects of any organization that works hand in hand to protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory adherence. Security is all about protecting an organization’s assets … Read more →

How Much Does a SOC 2 Audit Cost?

Something that is on the mind of every organization when getting a SOC 2 audit is the cost incurred in the entire process. However, it would be useful to think of a SOC 2 certification as an investment for the future of the company. And the fact of the matter is that any worthwhile investment … Read more →

Understanding The Need for ISO 9001

If you own a business, you might have seen the term ISO 9001. Even if you have not, it is something that is becoming fairly common in businesses. You may have come across either ISO 9001 or ISO 9001:2015, and it is important to understand what the term means. Why use ISO 9001? In order … Read more →

The Proper Way To Prepare for Your CMMC Audit

The recently released CMMC program requires a third-party audit, and contractors are wondering how they should prepare for something they have never done before. If you find yourself in this position, take the following steps to get your company on the right track and make sure you are properly prepared.  Start Immediately The first step … Read more →

8 Essential Steps to GDPR Compliance

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is not the first set of data regulations that was implemented. However, companies around the world have taken notice because it is one of the first to be introduced in the current milieu of prevalent Internet usage, smart devices, and social media. What’s more, the new set of … Read more →