An AI Chatbot from Google is currently being Tested in Medical Facilities

The rise of artificial intelligent chatbots has become one of the biggest tech trends in recent years. Their ability to identify and formulate user inputs has been truly groundbreaking. As such, it would be a shame not to put such technology in the medical field. According to The Verge, the AI tool from Google, aka … Read more →

AI-Assisted Decision Making Is The Way To Advanced Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize healthcare. The accountability and transparency of AI-based systems’ judgments and the professional duties and integrity of doctors are among the key ethical challenges that have emerged as a result of this transition. These issues must be weighed against the imperatives of creating public benefit from AI’s significantly increased … Read more →

How AI is Transforming the Modern Healthcare System

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry uses different algorithms and software to estimate human knowledge when it is analyzing complicated information connected to finding software solutions for healthcare. Artificial intelligence-based programs are used for understanding how using medical prevention or treatment methods is related to the final result. The medical industry is the main point … Read more →

10 Examples Of Big Data In Healthcare

“Being able to not only handle massive amounts of provider and patient data without batting an eye but also take action on that data and communicate critical results in real-time goes beyond providing value- it can change lives.” –Ken Cerney, Chief Executive Officer, LI Path. The quote very well defines how effectively Big Data can … Read more →

5 Advantages of Chatbots in the Healthcare Industry

AI-based chatbot technology has been revolutionary in the healthcare industry. The industry has adopted this technology because it offers many tremendous advantages. It has the potential to lower costs and improve patient outcomes. An AI-enhanced chatbot is a program that can communicate with users on a website in the place of a human. Depending on … Read more →

5 Ways Big Data Can Vitalize Healthcare

Big data, which was once considered limited to the realms of technology has now become a phenomenon across all industries. The healthcare industry where patient data has largely remained unstructured is one industry where big opportunities for big data are being discovered.  Thanks to the widespread adoption of wearables, fitness trackers and healthcare apps, collecting … Read more →