10 Examples Of Big Data In Healthcare

“Being able to not only handle massive amounts of provider and patient data without batting an eye but also take action on that data and communicate critical results in real-time goes beyond providing value- it can change lives.” –Ken Cerney, Chief Executive Officer, LI Path. The quote very well defines how effectively Big Data can … Read more →

The Beginner’s know-how to Big Data Analytics

Big Data is a software-utility technology used to capture, store and analyze large volume of data collected from multiple sources for enhanced decision-making. Big Data Concept Big Data terminology explains storage and analysis of complex and high volume data that is practically impossible to process by human brain. Therefore, this software-utility technology emerged as a … Read more →

Intelligent Use of Big Data on an Industrial Scale

Big Data is the data that comprises a larger variability of information at a much higher velocity, easily available at the disposal of individuals. Issues present on a larger scale, such as business & finance based problems, could easily be solved through the huge volumes of information present on Big Data. Let us now look … Read more →

5 Ways Big Data Can Vitalize Healthcare

Big data, which was once considered limited to the realms of technology has now become a phenomenon across all industries. The healthcare industry where patient data has largely remained unstructured is one industry where big opportunities for big data are being discovered.  Thanks to the widespread adoption of wearables, fitness trackers and healthcare apps, collecting … Read more →

Amplify Your Store’s Success with Big Data

Big data can serve online businesses in multiple ways. It has appeared as the fundamental ingredient of any successful marketing strategy that has revolutionized every platform of the industry. So, what exactly is Big Data? This word has its roots in business management. It is a buzzword that is referred to a vastly huge data … Read more →

Tech: The Final Frontier

If you’re my age, meaning you’re floating somewhere in between the first and last millennials, you probably remember a childhood with much simpler technology. The early years comprised tinker toys, VCRs, cassette tapes, and your parents’ polaroid camera. Your mom showed you Windows Paint on Microsoft Windows 95, and your dad still held on to … Read more →

How can Technology Transform Supply Chain Management?

Technology in its various forms is taking over literally every aspect of a business. With its premium features such as providing real-time data processing, valuable insights, and ability to eliminate human intervention to a great extent in order to minimize errors, technology has enhanced the way we conduct business today. Upcoming technologies are revolutionizing various … Read more →

Trends that Will Elevate the Big Data Influence in 2018

Gartner defined big data in the year 2001 as “Big data is data that contains greater variety arriving in increasing volumes and with ever-higher velocity. This is known as the three Vs.” Big data is nothing but larger and complex data sets which are from new data sources. The size of this data is so … Read more →

The Tripping Hazards for National Security Big Data

Every nation in this world is concerned about terrorist attack. After every act of terrorism, lot of attention shifts towards how intelligence is gathered, analyzed, and disseminated to protect the country against such acts. For intelligence to be useful, it must be presented in a meaningful way and must be actionable. Government agencies and intelligence … Read more →

Big Data, Intelligent Data and the Future of Data Analytics

The importance big data has in modern advertising strategies is unmistakable. It has completely transformed the way business owners manage their enterprises and is actively being used to help companies identify and utilize new business opportunities and focus their advertising campaigns only on those most likely to make a purchase. Yet, being presented with large … Read more →

Can Big Data Help Your Smart Home?

Big data has had an enormous impact on different sectors of the economy in the last few years. Times have changed, and technological advancements are causing disruptions right, left, and center. We’ve had ground breaking innovations in sectors we’ve never really thought of as ‘technological’ in any way. The applications of big data analytics are … Read more →

Big Data to Transform your Business Forever!

If you’re a business professional, you’ll know the term “big data.” Yes, it has been employed in the businesses for some time now, and yes, it’s more trending as well. So, what’s big data? How could it be used to transform your business? Most importantly, for good! Let’s see all about it here. Don’t wait, … Read more →

Big Data Will Get You, Eventually…

Every time you open your browser, every time you send a text message, even when you drive your car, big data is watching you and collecting information about your behaviour and habits. Forget “eventually”, big data has most likely already got you. With 90% of all data in the world today created in the past … Read more →