Big Data Analytics to Make a Big Headway in Your Business

September 7, 2019

In today’s fast-changing environment, the biggest challenge is to make sure that your customers relate to your business and also buy your product. These are two different things since people can love your business, but they may not buy your product. They will keep a tab on your new launches, and also visit your website […]

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How You Can Use Dark Social for Better Analysis of Your Website

June 11, 2019

Dark social is one of the newest discoveries when it comes to analyzing traffic that comes to your website. You might have noticed that when you are looking at your traffic data that there might be an amount that is unaccounted for in Google Analytics. This is dark social, and learning how to track it […]

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Why Companies Need an Analytics Solution to Ad Hoc Questions

May 9, 2019

Reports are helpful for giving readers a snapshot into performance over a given period of time. But static reports have one major limitation: They only include information up until the moment of creation. So, while a static report is good for measuring something like past performance, its set-in-stone nature means it will only ever show […]

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Role of Data Analytics in IoT

April 24, 2018

Today, new sensor, mobile and wireless technologies are leading to the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT). Importantly, the true business value of the IoT lies in analytics apart from hardware novelties. Data analytics is examined as a procedure to examine small and big data sets with different properties to extract conclusions from the data […]

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Predictive Analytics for Small Businesses

March 8, 2018

If you could always accurately predict the future, your business would be the most successful in the world. But you can’t so that, so you are left with the next best option – using data to put together a predictive analysis. Even though this isn’t always 100% accurate, it will put you ahead of most […]

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Big Data, Intelligent Data and the Future of Data Analytics

December 5, 2017

The importance big data has in modern advertising strategies is unmistakable. It has completely transformed the way business owners manage their enterprises and is actively being used to help companies identify and utilize new business opportunities and focus their advertising campaigns only on those most likely to make a purchase. Yet, being presented with large […]

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3 Critical SMB Analytics That You Need to Pay Attention To

July 21, 2017

Allow you to understand small and middle market segments which will allow them to create valid strategies and direct resources the right way. This is how SMBs will be able to go a step further and leave the “experimentation zone” and sail into the massive market armed with facts. All successful companies rely on important […]

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11 Free Keyword Research Tools to Find the Right Keywords

May 11, 2017

Keyword research is an ongoing activity that must proceed continually. But before you put any of your article out in public, you should always ask yourself; “Will my audience be able to find this piece of content easily?” This is exactly what keyword targeting aims to achieve. As you must know, the only way to […]

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Know your eCommerce Toolkit

June 22, 2016

The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate, attracting a plethora of merchants and customers to the boisterous digital world. Running an eCommerce website is a profitable endeavor, but also something that demands a constant investment of time and funds. The good news is that assembling a proper toolkit serves as the best way […]

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