How To Manage Your Personal Tasks With A Project Management App?

December 24, 2019
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You must stay at the top of your game when organizing personal projects like a family reunion, birthday party, planning for a vacation, and so on. Task management has to deal with the process of identifying, monitoring, and progressing the work that is needed to be done during the day. Typically, task management comes to […]

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Having Trouble With Churn? Real-Time User Engagement Can Help

October 9, 2019
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Churn is a significant problem for today’s mobile brands. 90% of users are lost within 30 days. And there’s no easy fix. Many methods for reducing churn are costly and slow. Improving the user interface, for example, eats up significant development resources and requires users to get used to a new layout and navigation. Is […]

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Quick Tips to select the best app development company for your Project

September 28, 2019

Looking for tips to select an app development company for your app development project? Want to know the various standards to follow while selecting an app development firm? Willing to have an idea of which things to take care of while selecting an app development firm? Here, in this blog, you will get answers to […]

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Why to use Mobile app explainer videos to increase your app downloads?

September 16, 2019

Mobile phones have become one of the most vital parts of our lifestyle today. With technology evolving so rapidly, telecommunication is not the only function that mobile phones provide us with. Rather, their functions have transformed to a level that has grabbed major attention of individuals. A major contribution to this development has been done […]

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Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin: Which one to adopt for Hybrid Mobile App

August 5, 2019

Have you ever realized how entertaining has life become with the advent of different types of mobile apps? But I am sure that you must be interested in knowing what is making these apps highly performative. Well, let me tell you the development of mobile apps on the basis of different platforms which make these […]

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8 ways to market your fashion app

July 29, 2019

With headlines such as “Fashion apps are a major sales opportunity for fashion brands” dominating the fashion industry, it’s hard to ignore how well a mobile application can help you grow. These apps personalize consumer’s shopping experience and allow users to shop from their phones too. Not to mention, about 64% of the folks look […]

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Top 5 Programming Language For Mobile App Development

July 11, 2019

When building a new mobile application, mobile app developers, or an executive from the mobile app development company need to make use of a programming language. This language must take care of their codes and deliver the required result. However, with the variety of programming languages available out there, you might need to consider the […]

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Your app idea isn’t working? Try ours!

June 22, 2019

Contrary to common belief, a mobile app doesn’t necessarily equate to a flourishing business. Neither does it mean that you’re going to strike it rich overnight. Don’t get me wrong; building a mobile app is the current e-commerce trend, and it is one of the best ways to make $$$. Since more people own mobile […]

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Is it worth to build a dating app like tinder?

June 12, 2019

When we talk about dating apps, what is the name that comes to our mind first? It is none other than tinder. Tinder is a highly popular online dating app prevalent not only in India but all over the world. Tinder was launched in the year 2012 and with its introduction, the concept of dating […]

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Reasons why should have 9apps download in your personal devices

May 30, 2019

9apps is one of the most useful apps ever created. For Android users, this app works as a boon because of a number of advantages that it has to offer. 9apps can be used as an app store which works way better than all the app stores ever created by any of the popular operating […]

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App recommendations: to enhance your experience as a driver

May 7, 2019

Where we would we be without our smartphones and the whole raft of amazing apps to choose from? Nowadays, apps can bring many benefits to our everyday lives. Research gathered during 2017 by Statista, identified that 197 billion mobile app downloads were made. With reference to our current world population (just under 7.7 billion), this […]

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Amazing Photo Editing App Ideas For Mobile App Development Company

March 31, 2019

Most of the times what happens is that the entrepreneurs have ideas related to mobile app development but they don’t know where to start and how to take the process further in order to complete the app development and launch process. What happens in this case is quite awful as it will not lead to […]

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10 Convincing Reasons Why Your Business Need A Mobile App

March 26, 2019

No matter how low your pay scale is, but saying it’s surely there in your pocket won’t be an overstatement. Isn’t it?  Hope you didn’t get me wrong. ☺ It’s none other than mobile phones that have become a part and parcel of our lives since the app store is launched in 2008. The item […]

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The Asphalt Series is Something All Racing Games Fans Should Know

February 14, 2019

We have come a long way from big arcade machines to being able to enjoy video games almost wherever we go. Playing on the move is a big part of the entertainment business today, and the more advanced phones and technology, the better propositions we get, and for more genres. So, racing game fans, let’s […]

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Mobile E-Commerce App Strategy Explained In Brief

December 31, 2018

Do you think it is easy to launch a mobile ecommerce app and expect it to smash hit the Google or Apple play store? Probably not especially in this world of cutthroat competition! The realm of digital marketing is ever evolving and so should we. The following post emphasizes on how one should strategize to […]

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5 Actionable Tips on Mobile App Development

December 1, 2018

The demand for the custom mobile app is growing than ever today. Every company irrespective of its specialty in the service sector is demanding for an app to make it easier for their clients to connect with them. As there is a massive demand for such services, the competition among mobile app development companies is […]

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6 tips for app designing that you must definitely not miss

October 28, 2018

In this mobile driven era, apps have become a huge marketing platform for every business. But when you talk about developing an app, most of us miss out on one core element, ie. app design. Your business app development strategies may help you create an app that works fine, but it won’t last long if […]

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Everything you Need to Know About Cashback App – Kiindly

October 24, 2018

Kiindly is an iOS-compatible cashback app that offers 80% off luxury deals. The app is affiliated with over 1,200 trusted stores, including Macy’s, Ebay, Target and Walmart. You can check top online deals on clothing, travel, education, technology products, office furniture, etc., use discount coupons available with Kiindly to shop at your favourite stores online […]

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Quality Analysis in App Development is Not the Last Thing You Do

October 10, 2018

Characteristics of quality in every mobile app are different and so for each type of app, a unique set of indicators is required to be constructed to measure the performance level. Most of the companies conduct the testing and measure the performance almost at the end of the software development cycle. Instead, quality is a […]

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Top 7 Useful Integrations for Inventory Management App

October 2, 2018

Any smart online retailer should be utilizing an inventory management app to help them keep track of stock levels, track their products, and improve overall sales. Programs such as the EMERGE app can help small and large businesses alike improve their efficiency by automating some of the most tedious tasks in the supply chain. One […]

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Mobile App Trends 2018 Has Brought Us

September 30, 2018

Every year, some apps become a massive trend all around the world, and 2018 is no different. Mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices are becoming more intelligent, and as their hardware becomes better, so can the apps we use them for. Whether it’s the latest games or a quirky app you never thought you’d […]

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How to Reduce App Deployment Time

September 18, 2018

Using a smartphone is something most people do on a daily basis. Over the years, these devices have become a staple of life in America. Did you realize that mobile phone users spend 90 percent of their time on mobile apps? Due to the increasing popularity of apps, many tech entrepreneurs have started to focus […]

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What is the importance of Swift Design Patterns for iOS App Development

September 10, 2018

Apps are the primary need for the trades. Hence, every company wants an error-free app, for which they hire iPhone app developers. To develop the error-free apps for the users is a challenging task. In this article, we will discuss how the Swift patterns are useful in iOS app development. Before discussing the value of […]

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What It Takes To Get Your Mobile App Startup Off The Ground

July 31, 2018

In the era of startup businesses, 2 out of 5 employees are planning to quit their jobs to start their own brand. It’s the norm for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to want to build a technologically-based business, be it a cloud-based service or a social media platform. One of the main trends in the tech industry is […]

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