Five Steps To Build An Impeccable Digital Banking App

With the ever-growing mobile use among the world’s population, it is essential to consider creating a digital banking app for your banking institution. In most organizations, digital banking apps are used for efficient customer service and for providing valuable information about a company’s products. By making an app for your bank, you can serve more … Read more →

Apple features Young Winners of the WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge for their Coding Skills

Apple has featured three of the 350 winners of their 2022 Swift Student Challenge who are using their coding skills to create apps that help solve problems in their communities. The Swift Student Challenge is a coding contest for young developers, which is held every year as part of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). In … Read more →

How Technology Elevated the Game of Golf 

Feature Photo by Wavebreakmedia on Depositphotos  We’re living in a technological age, and no part of life has been untouched by it, including our beloved sports! Technology elevated the game of golf in such a way that it’s not an integral part of the sport, and the idea of going back to a game without … Read more →

10 Must-Have Features That Every E-Learning App Needs

There’s a time when making students sit in the four walls of the classroom to listen to their teachers, memorizing the assignments, and speaking the answers was essential. The recent pandemic has bid goodbye to this old-aged classroom setting with online classes, which we all have recently experienced. The important factor in online classes or … Read more →

Your taxi business can reach new heights, here is the secret

Owning a car may look fancy, but it can prove to be an expensive affair. Apart from mammoth purchasing costs, you have to take the cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance, registration and even infringement fines into consideration. Jammed streets, unavailability of parking slots are other reasons to steer away from purchasing a private vehicle. No … Read more →

Is it important to buy app installs for android?

How can you buy app installs for android and is it important for the app promotion? – a question that application owners often ask themselves. An advertising campaign consists not only of the incentive app installs but is also a whole mechanism that works according to a clear plan. If you’re looking for a method … Read more →

10 Best Practices for Mobile App Testing

According to recent research, the mobile app market size was estimated at 170.5 billion USD in 2020 and is predicted to increase to 366.3 billion USD by 2027. So the market is booming, and the demand for mobile app testing keeps growing. To stay competitive, overcome technical challenges, and increase potential ROI, we should follow … Read more →

How to develop a Telemedicine App?

COVID- 19 has not only changed the normal course of life but also transformed the world digitally. The pandemic has made people universally realize the fact; the world needs more of healthcare facilitators to cater to the needy people. This lack of medical professionals is not restricted to one place or country, but even the … Read more →

How Can You Take Advantage Of App Technology For Your Upcoming Move?

In today’s digital world, people rely on modern innovations to make their lives comfortable. From electronic appliances to gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, technology has indeed transformed the way people live their lives. And if you think what’s one of the best things in this digital age, that’s how several moving-related applications have helped … Read more →

How Effective An App Can Be For Getting More Business

To establish a good reputation for your business and the sake of its growth, there’s a lot for you to consider. From the marketing of your brand to building an unwavering trust of customers, a good promoting plan must be implemented that will promise your business rewards in the near future. Investing in mobile application … Read more →

How a Good Mobile App Can Make or Break a Company

It’s no news to hear that smartphones have completely changed the way we live and permeate so much of our lives. Most of us look at our phones first thing in the morning, during meals, and before we go to bed every night. What might surprise you however is that mobile traffic has now eclipsed … Read more →