What is telemedicine and how we can benefit from it

The Healthcare industry has experienced a great transformation over the past few years. The pandemic made the world healthcare system adapt to the new realities. Thus, one of the outcomes is the global move to digital engagement and the growing demand for telemedicine.   There were up to 53K mHealth apps available in the App Store … Read more →

HIPAA Compliance for Telemedicine – ScienceSoft’s Guidelines

In telemedicine the importance of HIPPA compliance should never be underestimated. The sciencesoft’s guidelines will help care providers keep pace with the changing telemedicine technology while also conforming to HIPPA guidelines.  HIPPA Compliance HIPPA stands for “health insurance portability and accountability act” of 1996. It sets standards for protection of sensitive patient health information (PHI). … Read more →

How to develop a Telemedicine App?

COVID- 19 has not only changed the normal course of life but also transformed the world digitally. The pandemic has made people universally realize the fact; the world needs more of healthcare facilitators to cater to the needy people. This lack of medical professionals is not restricted to one place or country, but even the … Read more →