6 Emerging Technology Trends in The Healthcare Industry

by Klaus on January 8, 2019

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Healthcare is among the most important industries in the world. Its progress is being monitored by millions of people on the planet. After all, the success of new technologies can make a huge difference in the life and health of humanity.

As we welcome the New Year, it’s interesting to learn which healthcare technology trends are awaiting us in the future. Numerous industries related to healthcare are closely watching the developments in order to adjust their marketing strategies.

1. Telemedicine

Even though telemedicine is already working, many people are still wary of using it. Meanwhile, it’s becoming a huge trend, which can turn the world of healthcare upside down. In the United States, more than half of all U.S. hospitals already have telemedicine programs.

The software engineers are developing special telemedicine apps to allow remote doctor’s consultations, quick access to patient’s records, reduced response time, and simplified diagnosis.

In 2019, telemedicine is bound to reduce waiting time in emergency rooms, lower the expenses of emergency services, and help people in rural areas get access to qualified medical assistance.

Video chat platforms are making telehealth services better and faster. They offer real-life patient monitoring without admitting them to a hospital.

2. Wearable Devices

Wearables are improving the efficiency of patient treatment by giving the doctor real-time access to such parameters as heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and more. This helps reduce the time a patient spends in the hospital and allows doctors to make a quicker diagnosis.

In 2019, wearables are bound to become an integral part of treatment for numerous patients all over the world. By connecting wearables to telemedicine apps, the process of making a diagnosis becomes optimized.

3. Cloud Implementation

Cloud services are conquering the world, and the healthcare industry is not an exception. Public and private cloud-based platform allows doctors and patients to share information, including large files.

Clouds make the immense work of record keeping much easier. People get faster and easier access to records, which makes the consultation process convenient and less time-consuming. They can support video and audio conferences for telemedicine needs.

One of the biggest problems currently discussed related to cloud solutions is the security of patients’ private data. In 2019, SaaS companies are planning to invest formidable amounts of money into developing tighter security options.

4. CAD/CAM in Plastic Surgery

CAD/CAM technologies are revolutionizing constructive and plastic surgery. They allow surgeons to solve complex problems related to craniofacial reconstruction. Virtual surgery, 3D printing, and situational analysis have made many new things possible.

Today, surgeons can use the data received from a CT scan to create a 3D digital picture, which can help with virtual surgical planning. The 3D models allow the surgeon to study all defects from every angle without causing any discomfort to the patient.

In 2019, you are unlikely to see cosmetic surgery marketing campaigns that don’t describe the use of new CAD/CAM technologies. As 3D photo imaging and CAD/CAM procedures improve, they become standard for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been reforming the healthcare industry in many ways. According to healthcare SEO experts at Miromind, AI is actively being used for promotional purposes, making the healthcare services more accessible to the average patient.

Meanwhile, AI apps can speed up the diagnosis process while improving its accuracy. By performing the right analysis and eliminating the human error, AI and Machine Learning are helping healthcare workers to come up with new approaches for early treatment and test the new medicine.

For example, in 2018, FDA approved a diagnostic device, which uses AI for diagnosing eye disease by examining retina photos. The machine came up with a correct diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy in 87 percent of cases.

6. Predictive Analytics

While predictive analytics have been used for business optimization for quite some time, they are edging their way into the healthcare realm. Patients with chronic disease generate a great amount of data, which needs proper analysis to come up with insights.

Predictive analytics programs allow this analysis to be performed in a matter of hours. This helps doctors come up with proper treatments, discover new approaches, and improve the patients’ quality of life.


New technologies are affecting numerous industries. Healthcare industry benefits from many technologies, which may have been used for other purposes initially. In the nearest future, the new technologies are bound to change the way we view healthcare and improve our lives.

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