Secrets of On Demand Massage App Nobody Told You

Ever since smartphones and the Internet became ubiquitous, we have seen the rise of a new kind of service where users aren’t served with any generic product but one tailored specifically for their needs. Referred to as on-demand services in the business world, you can find them everywhere- from pizza delivery and calling cabs to … Read more →

How To Manage Your Personal Tasks With A Project Management App?

You must stay at the top of your game when organizing personal projects like a family reunion, birthday party, planning for a vacation, and so on. Task management has to deal with the process of identifying, monitoring, and progressing the work that is needed to be done during the day. Typically, task management comes to … Read more →

Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin: Which one to adopt for Hybrid Mobile App

Have you ever realized how entertaining has life become with the advent of different types of mobile apps? But I am sure that you must be interested in knowing what is making these apps highly performative. Well, let me tell you the development of mobile apps on the basis of different platforms which make these … Read more →

8 ways to market your fashion app

With headlines such as “Fashion apps are a major sales opportunity for fashion brands” dominating the fashion industry, it’s hard to ignore how well a mobile application can help you grow. These apps personalize consumer’s shopping experience and allow users to shop from their phones too. Not to mention, about 64% of the folks look … Read more →

Your app idea isn’t working? Try ours!

Contrary to common belief, a mobile app doesn’t necessarily equate to a flourishing business. Neither does it mean that you’re going to strike it rich overnight. Don’t get me wrong; building a mobile app is the current e-commerce trend, and it is one of the best ways to make $$$. Since more people own mobile … Read more →

Is it worth to build a dating app like tinder?

When we talk about dating apps, what is the name that comes to our mind first? It is none other than tinder. Tinder is a highly popular online dating app prevalent not only in India but all over the world. Tinder was launched in the year 2012 and with its introduction, the concept of dating … Read more →

App recommendations: to enhance your experience as a driver

Where we would we be without our smartphones and the whole raft of amazing apps to choose from? Nowadays, apps can bring many benefits to our everyday lives. Research gathered during 2017 by Statista, identified that 197 billion mobile app downloads were made. With reference to our current world population (just under 7.7 billion), this … Read more →