App recommendations: to enhance your experience as a driver

Where we would we be without our smartphones and the whole raft of amazing apps to choose from? Nowadays, apps can bring many benefits to our everyday lives. Research gathered during 2017 by Statista, identified that 197 billion mobile app downloads were made. With reference to our current world population (just under 7.7 billion), this … Read more →

The Infotainment Duel: CarPlay vs. Android Auto

Two giants of the Information Age and the infotainment industry, Google and Apple, are locking horns when it comes to who will win the coveted spot on any given motorist’s dashboard. That area of the car — the same one once occupied by the lowly AM/FM dial and a cassette deck or CD player, along … Read more →

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto –which one leads the dashboard

Android Auto from Google and CarPlay from Apple recently won a spot into the dashboard of today’s most advanced test cars. The two integration systems are meant for smartphones and they’ve been competing against each other since the release. Many are still wondering – which of the two is better? Let’s find out. Organization and … Read more →