8 ways to market your fashion app

With headlines such as “Fashion apps are a major sales opportunity for fashion brands” dominating the fashion industry, it’s hard to ignore how well a mobile application can help you grow. These apps personalize consumer’s shopping experience and allow users to shop from their phones too. Not to mention, about 64% of the folks look … Read more →

Networking in the field of Fashion Designing

Like other career tracks, fashion designing also needs efficient networking sources to maintain its standards. It is very important to have contacts with other professionals of the same field to stay up to dated. Fashion is a field where every day matters, every inch is measured and every criticism is taken very seriously. For this … Read more →

Stay in fashion with trendy Indian wear

As a lady, you always want to look good no matter the occasion. You cannot afford to step out not looking your best. As a lady, you should always make an effort because first impressions normally matter. Talk about job interviews or even meeting someone for the first time. You need to dress in a … Read more →

The How & How Much: Starting a Photography Business

As the economy continues to crawl ever so slowly out of the recent recession, more and more people are starting their own businesses out of their homes to make a living. One of those start-up businesses can be a photography company. So many people out there claim to enjoy taking pictures, and some people are … Read more →