Networking in the field of Fashion Designing

Like other career tracks, fashion designing also needs efficient networking sources to maintain its standards. It is very important to have contacts with other professionals of the same field to stay up to dated. Fashion is a field where every day matters, every inch is measured and every criticism is taken very seriously. For this … Read more →

Top Apps for Business Networking

More and more people are purchasing iPads every single day.  Over 100 million of these devices have been sold in their short lifespan so far (just short of three years).  However most people still have just a basic understanding of how they work and the benefits that can be derived by them, especially for business … Read more →

Networking 101: How to Use Social Media to Find a Job

Today, job hunting appears easier yet is so much more complex with the use of social media. Given the state of the current job market in the US, it can literally pay to set up several social media profiles on job networking websites to help you make the right connections and get hired fast. According … Read more →