Top Apps for Business Networking

More and more people are purchasing iPads every single day.  Over 100 million of these devices have been sold in their short lifespan so far (just short of three years).  However most people still have just a basic understanding of how they work and the benefits that can be derived by them, especially for business purposes.  Therefore we have examined the top applications for business networking, a traditionally difficult business skill to master.

The following applications are just a handful of the many of applications available which could enhance your generic business practices including networking.  Each of these applications facilitates different facets of networking.


The LinkedIn app is widely agreed to be the most popular social networking app for business professionals.  It has over 60 million users around the globe.  This app gives you instant access to businesses, colleagues, jobs and social networking groups that are related to your field of work.

You can use LinkedIn for many reasons, looking for a job, looking for a job candidate, locating colleagues who work in the same field, locating colleagues who work in the same organisation but across the globe or simply locating people who have shared business interests.  With the click of a button you can expand your business network instantly.


The StartupNation app was founded in 2003.  It aims to share experience between skilled entrepreneurs and people who want to start up their own, new business.  This has the obvious benefit of sharing previous experiences and resources in anything from sourcing finance, to overall business strategy.

There is a wealth of information and articles within this app which all have the aim of educating new business owners on how to start up and run their businesses.  This app also helps bring together suppliers and vendors, and experts in particular fields of business.


AngelList is a brilliant app for new businesses seeking funding.  Let’s face it, everyone needs to start somewhere and this app facilitates the meeting of new businesses with potential investors.  Remember, even the investors themselves will have needed funding at the beginning of their careers.

AngeList enables users to put together a business pitch to potential business investors.  This can be shared over the internet, or the app enables the user to organise online meetings with potential investors.

This app has some of the characteristics of social networking sites in that investors can ‘follow’ other investors to view their activity.  If they see an investment that they would also like to consider, they can send a notification of this.


The Happening app is an app which sources and details events which are happening near to you.  This is a great tool for networking because it can inform you about events that you didn’t know about, in time for you to attend.

This app has different settings so that you can manipulate the data that it retrieves i.e. if it displays events locally or around the world.  It also informs you of who is attending, the address, the event description, the date and even plots events on a calendar automatically.  You can also set your attendance status i.e. attending, not attending, and maybe attending.

Additional features include displaying what events your peers are attending, select the type of event you would like to attend i.e. a music event, a marketing conference etc. and the functionality to add contacts as ‘friends.’


The premise behind the free, MeetMe app is really simple.  It sources potential local venues to meet colleagues.  The app enables you to input specific data such as your location and the type of venue that you require, and it will generate a set of results on this basis, thus eliminating the necessity for you to know every potential meeting venue by heart.

Therefore if you really want to impress a potential client, you can select a ‘boutique hotel,’ as your required venue.  The app will then make a number of suggestions of boutique hotels in the area that you have requested.

There are over a hundred useful apps which help the process of business networking however these apps are some of the most popular.  They all offer a variety of bespoke features and benefits, and come highly recommended by business colleagues and associates who already use them.

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Guest article written by: Ollie is huge fan of technology and lives in England He writes For : Complete Technology Solutions


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Guest article written by: Ollie is huge fan of technology and lives in England He writes For : Complete Technology Solutions


6 thoughts on “Top Apps for Business Networking”

  1. This is a nice write up about the apps. Nowadays everything is getting done by App. And I like LinkedIn because it’s a excellent apps.

  2. I use my Linkedin app every day to interact with my connections. It has replaced Facebook as my most used app and I am excited to learn everything I can do with the mobile app version. If you are a business professional I would highly recommend joining and interacting on Linkedin.

  3. Interesting suggestions. The only one on the list I’ve used is LinkedIn, which is helpful in a number of ways – from getting new clients to promoting your blog in discussion groups. Of course, having the mobile app gives you constant access, which can be good and bad. As it relates to finding new clients, I like to be notified immediately when I get a message from someone, which the app does well.

  4. Most of the people around the world do not know the importance of Linkedin. It is the best social networking site for those who are in search for the jobs.

  5. Thanks for sharing! These all amazing application for networking business. I have try linked but I try others. After read this review I feel like these application is very wonderful and more than Google Calendar. It great to keep alert with what we will do..


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