Networking 101: How to Use Social Media to Find a Job

Today, job hunting appears easier yet is so much more complex with the use of social media. Given the state of the current job market in the US, it can literally pay to set up several social media profiles on job networking websites to help you make the right connections and get hired fast.

According to, 75% of hiring managers will review a job applicant’s online information before making a final hiring decision. As a result, 70% of recruiters have rejected a potential candidate because of negative information found online.

If you’re wondering to yourself how relevant these statistics really are, keep in mind that 89% of companies now use social media for recruiting. This number rose 83% from 2010 alone!

If you’re ready to get hired, consider the fact that 98% of all recruiters check the powerhouse social networking website LinkedIn for potential job applicants. Once applicants have been contacted, 94.5% of recruiters will make a successful hire through LinkedIn.

Even if you only have social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter, you could still get your foot in the door. 42% of recruiters have hired using Twitter; 33% of recruiters have hired using Facebook.

How Social Media Benefits an Employer

If you’re scratching your head and wondering why recruiters have gone beyond posting jobs in the classified section of the newspaper, there are several benefits that an employer can gain by hiring through social media exclusively:

  • An HR recruiter can find a candidate online who may not apply through a traditional job application in person or on a website.
  • An employer can save money by recruiting through social media without having to hire a headhunting firm.
  • An employer can target a job to specific needs and skills and match it with the right candidate in social media.
  • As an added bonus, an employer can improve company brand recognition by reaching out to job applicants online and establishing a social media presence.

Now that you know the method to the madness, there are several steps that you can take to make yourself more attractive and network successfully in social media:

  1. Start your own blog. Yes, blogs are directly related to social media. If you want to showcase your expertise, start blogging in your area of interest to show recruiters that you are dedicated, passionate, and willing to work hard.
  2. Create a Facebook business page. If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, you still can create a Facebook page to represent your personal brand and establish your online presence.
  3. Tweet with leaders in your industry. Twitter can be used to keep tabs on important colleagues in your industry and to start a conversation. You can stay up to the moment on the latest trends and could be offered a job lead before it’s advertised online, if you play your cards right.

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Guest article written by: Bethany Ramos is a full-time freelance writer with social media and Internet marketing experience that co-owns her own e-commerce website, .


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Guest article written by: Bethany Ramos is a full-time freelance writer with social media and Internet marketing experience that co-owns her own e-commerce website,


11 thoughts on “Networking 101: How to Use Social Media to Find a Job”

  1. LinkedIn has become favorite place for all HR to hire any professional in their organization. That’s why it’s really important to keep your profile up to date and ask for recommendations from your previous and current employees, which makes your profile genuine and more worthy.

  2. True – But when it comes to social media one can even let the job find you – with setting up alerts and following RSS feeds on forums and websites etc. – One thing is for certain, if you want your profile to be found online the key is to have a good and active presence in targeted social media channels. This will make it much easier for a potential employee to review your online profile or resume before even contacting you.

  3. Social media is an area I haven’t covered until now and maybe it’s time I do. Head hunters will check your online presence and so will an employer.

  4. I use Facebook primarily for connecting with friends or people I know and reconnecting with people in my past. But, it can also be an effective networking tool.

  5. This is a great post, Bethany Ramos . Social media presence is definitely vital in this day and age but I was wondering if you had any insight into developing a professional presence online when you blog anonymously? I mean, you may have developed all sorts of great content online

  6. I can definitely see the benefits of Facebook or LinkedIn as a successful networking tool, honestly that is what myspace evolved into before people decided not to care about it anymore and go to Facebook in the first place. Good article though as always good to know what people are looking for whether it be a reader/consumer or even a potential employer.

  7. Yes, the very much right article. Nowedays those who are using social media in proper way, gaining more dividenst than who are keeping distance from internet shpere. Recently I’ve decided to start a new small business. I’ve decided to sell silver bijouterie. I opened an account, posted pictuers, wrote information and started finding targeted audience. Now profile looks like that the owner of it is an successful company, meanwhile I’ve bought only 10 pcs for the start and they are still on the way.

  8. LinkedIn groups are great for finding a job via social media. I’m in several of them and still watch them to share with my friends on Facebook! It’s a great untapped resource for a lot of people.

  9. On social media, there are many benefits. Even recruiters are now using social media to learn more about their candidates. It is a medium where nearly all of the information you need can be found.

  10. If you’re unsure what a recruiter might find out about your online, Google yourself in an incognito window (search results in a normal window will be affected by your browsing history). Put your name and university/current employer into Google and see what comes up.

  11. Totally agree, Social media plays a vital role in recruitment process both for employers and for the candidate as well. You may use social media to sell yourself, uncover career prospects, allow employers to go beyond your résumé, and learn about companies and industry trends.


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