Electronic Cigarettes and Things You Should Know

There are two specialized parts of an electronic cigarette: the atomizer and the battery. The electronic cigarette is possible today because of advancements in technology. Such an invention 15 years ago would have been much more expensive and way too large to take the place of a tobacco cigarette.

In the little stick of 3-5 inches are numerous pieces of technology; a LED light, smart chip, controller, lithium ion battery, atomizer, and heating coil. It’s pretty spectacular when you think about it. Each of these components have been condensed to a size that is small enough to fit in a tube the size of a cigarette, and made safe enough to be in your mouth.

What’s more, the electronic cigarette allows for a wide range of customization. You can choose between the duo and the trio. The duo combines the atomizer and the cartridge into a “cartomizer”. This one is cheaper up front, and there is less to fiddle with. The trio gives you the option of changing the cartridge, but there are more components to the unit. Regarding the cartridges you can choose your flavor and the level of nicotine in your electronic cigarette.

You can also choose the e-cigarette battery length. The length of the battery determines how long your e-cig will last. According to http://www.e-cigarette.net depending on the length of your battery you are looking at anywhere from around 160-300 puffs.

Different electronic cigarette companies offer various customizable options, such as different color glass tips for your light. Some offer various colors and graphic designs on the unit. There are also numerous accessories, such as rechargeable batteries, chargers, cases, cartridges refills and more.

Some people take customization a step further with attempting personal modifications on their electronic cigarettes. People do this to get more, better or different performance out of their e-cigs. There are some risks involved with these personal modifications; first of all it will void your electronic cigarettes warranty, and second, it can be dangerous if you don’t really know what you are doing. No one can stop you from tampering with your electronic cigarette, but just do it with full awareness and caution.

Entering the world of electronic cigarettes, you will hear new vocabulary and there might be a lot to process. A good electronic cigarette review can make all of that easier and help you navigate the experience.

5 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes and Things You Should Know”

  1. Well, It certainly a interesting invention but SMOKING is bad for everybody health. So we should focus on discourage such activity.

  2. I bought an E-cigarette a while ago. People shoul know that it takes some getting used to before they switch off for good.

  3. I was once a smoker, electric cigars helped me to overcome my addiction. Does anyone know if electronic cigarettes have health effects?

  4. Electronic cigarets is slightly good because, they can customize in to minimal side effects to the body but, e-cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes are almost the same because, it is still harmful to the human health and environment. so i suggest stop the smoking.

    It is the great contribution as people to the environment for the better world.


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