Adonit Jot-ting: The Styluses 2nd Coming

Styluses for touch screen technology are by no stretch of the imagination a recent addition to the tech’ accessories market. But, with the unfathomable growth in touch screen technology (particularly Messrs iPhone, iPad and Samsung), the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Adonit Jot range[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Adonit Jot range[/tp], has reached into the stylus market with both hands and seized the opportunity to reinvent the stylus for its second-coming.

Fly back twenty-or-so years and the stylus/touch screen organiser was the pinnacle of mobile consumer technology, particularly for the flash businessman. Somewhat surprising though, both went the way of the Betamax, as push-button mobile phones were all the rage.

Back to today, and we seem to have done a full circle, here we are with touch screen technology back with touch screen technology back in our lives. Somewhat awkwardly though, somebody forgot to invite the stylus to the reunion party.

Whilst touch screen technology has come on the clichéd ‘leaps and bounds’, the same can’t be said for styluses. Most companies seem to have settled for producing the same styluses they were producing twenty years ago – and people just aren’t buying into it.

Adonit are one company that have escaped the foam-tipped stylus entrapment and have given some thought to produce a stylus worth having. Adonit realise that a stylus doesn’t differ to greatly from a pen, in essence, what people want in a good pen – they want in a good stylus (expect the ink!).

The Adonit Jot range offers control, sturdiness and comfort – all of which is comparable to a luxury pen. Adonit have developed ‘Precision-Disc’ technology so that the user has faultless, effortless control of the stylus over your screen; with the stylus also well-weighted so that it feels similar to holding a pen. Combine this with several other features such as the handy magnetic clip and a protective cap which maintains the integrity of the precision disc, and you see why the Adonit Jot has proved a revolution and even a saving grace for the stylus industry.

4 thoughts on “Adonit Jot-ting: The Styluses 2nd Coming”

  1. I used several tablets with stylus, but I cannot compare the experience with a touchscreen. This could change my opinions, as they look pretty stylish.

  2. Technically, a stylus is no more precise than a finger. Most touch screens these days, including Apple’s, are capacitive screens: they ignore touches by pens, toothpicks and almost anything else not made of flesh.


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