iPhone Radiation Cases

Upon becoming a proud owner of an iPhone, people often immediately go hunting for a case to protect their immaculate prized possession. It seems strange therefore, that people don’t seem so concerned about protecting their own health when it comes to mobile phones.

Most people, me included, generally pay little attention to their mobile phone handbooks upon buying a new phone. However, one interesting point that is made in such handbooks and is almost always overlooked is the statement ‘Do NOT touch your phone to your body.’ The dangers of mobile phone radiation have been debated for many years, without any unanimous verdict on the topic; but it is clear that mobile phone manufacturers are concerned about this when they continue to print such messages.

To provide a solution to these concerns, without restricting the use of mobile devices, [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]iPhone Anti-Radiation Cases by Pong[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]iPhone Anti-Radiation Cases by Pong[/tp] are designed to direct any radiation emitted by the phone away from your head; with independent studies showing that Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of radiation is reduced by up to 95% below FCC limits.

Along with the substantial health benefits of Pong cases, they also serve as excellent protection to the iPhone itself, helping to prevent scratches and cracks to the casing. This coupled with its attractive design and its ability to boost your phone signal, makes the Pong Anti-Radiation Case the must have iPhone accessory on the today’s market.

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