4 Reasons Why: Classic Laptop < iPad + Adonit Writer

The iPad has already proved to be one of the most revolutionary products this century and, whilst a much-loved product amongst the every-growing iFaithful, it is hindered by its lack of a ‘proper’ keyboard – writing anything much longer than a tweet or a quick email is not flawless exercise.

There have been many, many attempts at producing an iPad keyboard, but most have failed. And miserably at that. Clumpy, slow-reacting and straight-up ugly keyboard cases have done nothing to appeal to users. However, out of the darkness comes a light: The [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Adonit Writer Plus[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Adonit Writer Plus[/tp].

It may not be a mind-boggling complex product, but that is exactly why it has succeeded in the wake of others. It’s premise is simple: stylish, practical, impeccable responsiveness and easy-to-use. In essence it helps turn your iPad back into a laptop when that’s what you need, whilst also protecting the integrity of the iPad without diminishing its stylishness.

But why would you choose an iPad and Adonit Writer when you can just get a classic laptop?


1) Versatility

A laptop will always be a laptop. Obvious I know. But a laptop isn’t a great tool for showing someone something quickly with minimal effort. An iPad can be whatever you want though. If you want to show your boss or a client the cool new graph showing how well you’re doing, just pass it over. Later, on the train home, you want need to finish typing that report up, just clip onto your Adonit Jot and you’re flying. The Adonit Jot is extremely easy to attach and remove from your iPad and comes with a ‘Quick Release’ Mechanism.

2) Touch Screen

If you touch your laptop screen, the best thing that can happen is that you’ll leave a smear on the screen. Wow. The iPad does a lot more than that (which you probably already know), no more fiddly mouse or dodgy touch pad. Just tap and slide.

3) Compact

The iPad is very handy, it’s slim and easy to carry. Even when contained in the delicious-looking Adonit Writer case, it is still extremely compact (no power cable needed either!).

4) Style

Carrying a laptop around isn’t exactly a top-tip for looking ‘cool’. Apple products are on the other hand renowned for the stylish aura, and whether you are carrying the iPad solo or in the uber-sleek (and protective) Adonit Writer case, you won’t be able to help but turn heads.

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