Points to keep in mind before choosing your mobile case

April 5, 2019

Mostly, you don’t hesitate to splash hundreds of bucks on a new Smartphone. Why not spend just a little bit more to protect it? Your smart electronic friend serves you constantly until you end up or lose it by dropping it in the toilet mistakenly or let it just tumble down the stairs unknowingly. So, […]

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At what times of the year and weather conditions do you use which laptop case

October 6, 2018

We are constantly in a variety of weather conditions. On Earth, there are very few places where constantly comfortable temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, more often periods of comfort alternate with extreme. However, mankind has found ways to protect itself – clothes, heating of dwellings, etc., but protecting yourself should be remembered that our electronics also […]

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Review: World’s thinnest leather case for iPhone

August 10, 2017

UPDATE – 19th September 2017: After another 1.5 months of use, so total around 3 months, my case has started to come apart. Which is sad, cause I really liked this case a lot! It’s the leather-part of the back that apparently no longer sticks to the actual case (see photos). It’s no worse than […]

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The Best Way How to Preserve Your iPhone 7

May 19, 2017

The mobile phone is without doubt man’s greatest invention. In the beginning, the mobile phone was only meant for making phone calls while being outdoors. Fast forward to today, the device has leapfrogged bounds from its initial inception into a more technologically advanced smart device. The smartphone, as we know it, has quintessentially become an […]

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Official Nexus 7 2 cases

August 5, 2013

The Nexus 7 was a popular tablet due to its price, software and hardware now Google have released its successor the Nexus 7 2. The main new features include back/front facing cameras, a full HD screen, a 1.5 GHZ processor plus 2GB of RAM. The new Nexus is also slimmer at only 8.65mm, so with […]

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iPad case review: Marware MicroShell Folio

April 12, 2013

First let me show you my current cover-setup for my iPad 3: Apple Smart Cover on front. Targus clear case for the back. I like the Targus clear case on the back because it’s see-through so you can still see the iPad’s nice design, but even more because it protects the iPad from scratches and […]

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Pong Research: iPad Anti-Radiation Cases

June 24, 2012

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets emit radiation. Yet, most people have these kind of devices on them at all times, seemingly unconcerned at the potential damage that such devices could be doing to their bodies. Pong Research have sought to find a solution to these dangers. Whilst accepting that people are unlikely […]

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iPhone Radiation Cases

June 23, 2012

Upon becoming a proud owner of an iPhone, people often immediately go hunting for a case to protect their immaculate prized possession. It seems strange therefore, that people don’t seem so concerned about protecting their own health when it comes to mobile phones. Most people, me included, generally pay little attention to their mobile phone […]

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iPhone 4/4S accessories giveaway – enter for free – win 1 of 21 prizes!

March 11, 2012

UK mobile phone comparison website Best Mobile Contracts are very generously giving away over 20 prizes to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S fans, wherever you may live. These prizes include: 5 premium leather Master Series cases 5 Element Formula 4 cases with Carbon Fibre back 5 Skullcandy Smokin Buds with Mic 5 Groov-e GV9900MB Retro […]

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Apple presents iPad 2 & iOS 4.3 — Yeah, I’m getting one!

March 2, 2011

To some surprise, Steve Jobs himself took the stage during his medical leave of absence, as he “didn’t want to miss it”, as he said, since they had been working on the product (iPad 2) for awhile. Before the iPad 2 presentation, Steve Jobs explained how 100 million books were downloaded so far from iBooks […]

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Review: $10 iPad Case From eBay

July 12, 2010

Got your shiny new iPad and want to protect it just a little bit? That’s what I wanted, plus I felt that the back of the iPad was too slippery for me to feel comfortable when using it as an e-reader. Putting the iPad into some kind of leather’ish case not only protects it, but […]

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Get Photo Flash For Your iPhone Using A Case

November 8, 2009

One of the things that iPhone-“haters” like to address is the missing ability to take pictures in dark, if you own an iPhone. Simply because there’s no flash or other kind of built-in light to assist with taking pictures when it’s dark. While I agree with those comments, that it sucks, there’s no need to […]

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