Pong Research: iPad Anti-Radiation Cases

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets emit radiation. Yet, most people have these kind of devices on them at all times, seemingly unconcerned at the potential damage that such devices could be doing to their bodies.

Pong Research have sought to find a solution to these dangers. Whilst accepting that people are unlikely to change their habits when it comes using mobile technology, they have developed [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Anti-Radiation Pong Cases[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Anti-Radiation Pong Cases[/tp] – cases that are designed to redistribute radiation away from the users body using their patented antenna technology.

Independent research has found Pong’s cases to be extremely effective too, with results showing that electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile devices using the Pong case, are 95% below the FCC limit for radiation.

Pong though, aren’t just a sign of the ‘nanny state’ though. They have actually produced an excellent case for the smart phones and tablets. The case not only serves as protection to the user, but also the device. It’s tough exterior prevents bumps, scuffs and scratches keeping the device in mint condition. What is most impressive though, is that on smart phones, the Pong Anti-Radiation Case actually boosts the phones signal – something which in itself is a magnificent feature.

You’d probably expect all this ‘usefulness’ to look hideous though – nothing can be that good and look good too. Wrong. The Pong Case is slim, bold and sleek, and is available in a vast range of bold colours to suit you.

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  1. This is really good solution for protecting body from radiation and i must say that every iPad user must use anti-radiation case. This seems to serve multiple jobs, beside anti-radiation, tough exterior prevents bumps, scuffs and scratches keeping the device in mint condition as you said. Thanks for informing useful anti-radiation case.


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