Amazing Techniques to Boost your Blogging Career and Health Alike

As a techie, you will spend most of your time online trying to keep up with technological advancements. Bloggers too spend hours online. It is with no doubt that internet technologies come with impressive features and makes blogging fun. However, there are many health risks that have been associated with blogging including risks of obesity and health related conditions. This is because of high stress conditions and unhealthy techie lifestyle. The question is do you quit blogging? Blogging is fun and a way of earning a living. You can adopt healthy blogging and here are amazing techniques that will help you stay healthy

Get up from your Blogging Desk and Try a Walk

Research shows that techies spend hours on their desks. Sitting down for long hours puts you at a high risk of gaining excessive weight. It is therefore essential to take a few breaks from your computer, take a walk, stretch or even go for coffee. This will help to keep the body active and free of stress. At the end of the day, chances of gaining weight are greatly reduced while weight loss is enhanced.

Prolong your Online Career by Avoiding Stress

As a techie or blogger, stress comes in as you try to beat deadlines. When under stress, hormone cortical is released in large amounts. Chances of gaining excessive weight or even suffering heart attack are extremely high. Therefore, it is vital that you learn to breath deeply, choose interesting topics to blog about and when overwhelmed on your desk, go for a walk to get rid of stress. With lower levels of stress, weight loss is enhanced and it promotes healthy blogging and prolongs your techie career.

Say “No” to Junk Food & Eat Healthy

It is easy to find many bloggers with snacks and junk food on the table. These foods are high in calories and fats. The saddest part is that when you grab a bite and go back to your computer, there is no room to burn fats.  Ensure to eat your meals in the kitchen and take a short walk before going back to your computer. Have a Weight Watchers subscription in hand and take advantage of grocery coupon code for nutritious meals to manage your weight efficiently.

Don’t be on your Computer throughout

Blogging is fun but it is not recommended to be on your computer throughout. It is not only harmful to the eyes but it also encourages weight gain. A day off for techies and bloggers enables you to relax.  Engage in a different schedule say, exercises and eating healthy will help to promote weight loss and maintain top-end fitness. When you relax hormone cortical levels are greatly reduced and it promotes healthy blogging.

Chitchat with New People While Developing Friendships

Developing friendships online is also an incredible way to enhance healthy blogging and weight loss. Contact with friends and fellow techie’s offers a relaxing feeling. You can also connect to weight loss programs and talk about projects, blogging, social life and laugh together about many things. This makes you happy and reduces stress levels. I came to know about TRX trainer, which is an awesome performance enhancing portable tool through one of my online connections online, which is why I always emphasize on the need to have them. Friends also support you in many ways and you can decide to be breaking after a few minutes say for a walk before you start chatting again and discuss about healthy exercises.

Guest article written by: Irfan Siddiqui he’s a blogger and writes for Weightlossdiets4women, where you can read a lot more health and weight loss tips.

10 thoughts on “Amazing Techniques to Boost your Blogging Career and Health Alike”

  1. It’s really important to avoid junk food, plus avoid working longer hours on your desk. However morning and evening walk are really helpful to reduce the chances of weight gain.

  2. This is really an outstanding article that I have read, specially that I am creating my own blog site, to be honest all the things listed here are very useful is the same with diet, we must know what is right nor wrong.

  3. Lately, I’m really careful with what I eat and try to do as many exercises as possible. My favorite way to spend quality time is to do a little jogging in the nearby park.

  4. I must confess that I sometimes forget to take a walk and it’s not a good thing. Of course, there’s a lot of work in maintaining a blog but you should consider your health from time to time.

  5. I strieve to workout at least 30 minutes a day, be it with weights or just brisk walk at the park. A healthy diet is also vital as diet contributed to 70% of how you will look like.

  6. It’s really important to avoid junk food, plus avoid working longer hours on your desk. you should consider your health from time to time.

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  8. I really like the last point. In fact, most of my knowledge on blogging has come from talking to expert bloggers online. I always try to balance my health with online business, get up early and sleep on time. These tips are highly beneficial for people like me.

  9. I once read about a blogger who stood up and blogged in a chair-less office. I’m not sure how comfortable this would be though. Personally, I would start to feel drained and there is no muscle mass building to be gained or cardio effects. Just calories to lose I guess.

  10. I also read somewhere else about the 20/20 rule. Meaning taking 20 second breaks after 20 minutes of being in-front of your computer. I have been doing this and I can tell that it really help of avoiding the stress of blogging or working in your computer all day.


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