5 Weird And Interactive Websites To Kill Time

The World Wide Web is certainly a huge place filled with billions of web pages. According to WorldWideWebSize.com, the Indexed Web contained at least 4.5 billion pages on March 20, 2017. On the same day, InternetLiveStats.com revealed that there were over 1,165,000,000 websites online. Luckily, with over a billion websites out there, you are going … Read more →

Rocking the Rolex Submariner

This is a sponsored post: The rolex submariner is a great model in the Rolex brand watch company. Sometimes you obtain fed up with running a Rolex or simply need to make the cash off it back. The time has come once you research and get precisely you should sell your Rolex (used or new). … Read more →

How to use the Motors app

Motors.co.uk is a used cars classified network dedicated to helping prospective customers find their ideal used vehicle.  The potency of the motors.co.uk site comes from the fact that it has a vast database of over 150,000 used cars which the viewer can filter and browse.  This process became even more efficient when the site created … Read more →

iPhone 4/4S accessories giveaway – enter for free – win 1 of 21 prizes!

UK mobile phone comparison website Best Mobile Contracts are very generously giving away over 20 prizes to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S fans, wherever you may live. These prizes include: 5 premium leather Master Series cases 5 Element Formula 4 cases with Carbon Fibre back 5 Skullcandy Smokin Buds with Mic 5 Groov-e GV9900MB Retro … Read more →

Friday Flick Find: Stalking Cat

It’s been a few months since the last Friday Flick Find video, but now it’s back with yet another cool and interesting video, this time it’s a fun video: Stalking cat! Although I’m a dog person, I still find this video funny. I especially like the part where the cat freezes with one paw up … Read more →

Buying Domain Names

Discussing buying a domain name or two can be a sore point for a few people. For some, buying domain names is like buying shoes, or bags, or gadgets, depending on what you’re most into – cause some people are also into buying domain names, for various reasons, so they can really go nuts buying domains!

Like, some people buy domain names for investing. If you can come up with a great name, register it and try to flip it later when somebody needs it for a business idea or a product.

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Did you know you can manage your money using an iPhone?

For some of us, managing money is not as fun as spending them, am I right? But if there’s no money to spend, the fun suddenly disappears. And to have money to spend, you need a budget to manage your money carefully to make sure you can afford to spend money while also keeping a proper reserve for when times might get rough or if you lose your job or business goes down.

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The power of a green screen (TV shows)

Hopefully you’re already not trusting what you see on TV, or anywhere else that’s digital, for that matter, because it’s so easy to “photoshop” it to look completely different. For example, take a look at this reel from Stargate Studios. It features some scenes from “24” that I could recognize, and also Monk I believe, … Read more →

Follow-up: PokerStars Home Games concept

It’s been about a month since I last posted about PokerStars’ new online poker concept, Home Games, which basically means that you can create a private club within the PokerStars poker software client and invite your friends to join you. So instead of meeting up in person, you can play against each other online, from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t get the same “social” experience and the feel of stacking your chips, but you get to play – privately – against your buddies.

PokerStars also keeps track of winnings, so you’ll have a leaderboard within the Home Games club also, making it easier to find out who has bragging rights till next tournament…

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Is there a future for standalone GPS systems?

I’ve only owned one sat nav GPS system for a car, ever, which I bought several years ago. Since then, they have become much better, better UI, better GPS reception, better maps, better touch screen etc. I’ve considered many times whether or not I should buy one of the new sleek systems to have one of the best sat nav systems out there, but it’s an expense I simply cannot justify…

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Win a year’s salary of £40,000 [PayPal]

What to do if I win £40,000? Of course, buy things I would love to have that I thought I can never buy without sacrificing many other things! The first thing I would do is to plan a nice holiday trip for my family, renovate our home, donate some to charitable foundations and to the … Read more →