Search Engine Optimization by Using Expired Domains

There are many experienced SEO practitioners who advise against building websites with new domain names but instead to acquire expired domain names that possess a clean search engine history for better results. These domains are considered to have age as a consequence of which, they usually have backlinks that lend the much-needed authority to the … Read more →

A Beginner’s Guide to Not-Coms

New generic top level domains, commonly called gTLDs or not-coms, are the latest sensation in domain name registration. Gone are the days when all websites ended in .com, .org, .net or only a handful of other possibilities. Now, you can register sites with domain extensions such as .play, .go or .live. In fact, the Internet … Read more →

Buying Domain Names

Discussing buying a domain name or two can be a sore point for a few people. For some, buying domain names is like buying shoes, or bags, or gadgets, depending on what you’re most into – cause some people are also into buying domain names, for various reasons, so they can really go nuts buying domains!

Like, some people buy domain names for investing. If you can come up with a great name, register it and try to flip it later when somebody needs it for a business idea or a product.

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A Brief Introduction to Domain Names and How To Find & Register One

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you will know that we occasionally publish articles on blog-related stuff, such as picking a web host, which blogging platform to choose and so on. Now it’s time to look into domain names, as they also have quite an important role in your online blogging business – … Read more →