How to Increase the Domain Authority of your site?

seo-search-engine-optimizationDomain Authority (DA) is a rating of a website and it depends on Google page rank, backlinks to a website, etc. So, high Domain Authority for a website indicates that it has high page rank and backlinks as well.

Elements involved in DA calculation

More than 100 elements determine the Domain Authority of a website. Here we discuss about the major elements that helps a website to increase its Domain Authority.

Domain Age

Today, more and more youngsters are entering online to do blogging for making money in short period of time. Hundreds of thousands of domains are created everyday and many are getting died immediately. Domain Authority indicates the number of people trusting on your website or blog. Domain age has a prime role in determining higher Domain Authority to your website or blog.

Domain Popularity

This may a new term for few of us. Actually, domain popularity is the comparison of inbound links and outbound links. Inbound links point towards your domain and are backlinks. Quality of websites that give backlinks to your website must be checked and ensured.


Content has great role in determining high Domain Authority to your website. If your website has good quality content of a certain extent, then search engines will easily index your website and thus, increasing your Domain Authority. Therefore, it is recommended to write more content that is relevant and best in quality.

Search engines consider a lot of signals when ranking a website and they are often tweaking the algorithms and giving relevant weight to some elements to improve search results and fight web spam. Though it is unknown that how much of an element is considered to other ones, we are sure that search engines consider the domain authority of a website to a great extent. Domain Authority indicates the trust to the search engines and is significant as search engines want to index websites that is useful to users. To rank first in search engines, you need to improve your website’s domain authority for the search engines.

How to increase website Domain Authority?

There are many ways being explained on how to increase domain authority. Here we list out 3 major ways that helps a website to increase its domain authority for the search engines.

Add pages

The website has important role in increasing Domain Authority. So, you need to add the number of quality content pages to your website. Your website will start generating inbound links when it is added with more pages. Integrating a blog on to your website domain is a great idea to add quality content to your website pages regularly. This way, quality blog posts will ensure that your website is being indexed by search engine spiders.

Inbound link building

Search engines significantly consider the number of inbound links that are pointing towards a website to convey the popularity of the website. This is done when determining the domain authority and so, when a website has many inbound links from other high authority websites then it will be considered as a high authority site. A website will link to another one only if the other one includes useful information to be found at the destination site. Though a lot of white hat link building techniques are there in the market, quality inbounds links can really create and distribute quality content regularly.

Let it age

You just need to keep up with domain registration. If your domain has been registered for a long time and your site has slowly been generating traffic, then it will be considered more favorably than a brand new domain which has not yet got search engine trust.

Relevancy and authority of a website is very important that make Google to increase our page ranking on search engine results. Relevancy can be displayed in terms of content, Meta tags, URL and Speed and Authority means valuable links that point towards a website. If you have high relevancy and domain authority than your competitors, then your website will get high page ranking through your keyword. Earn links from higher authority pages of your category in order to increase domain authority of your website.

Authority value will be increased if you get links from high authority domain and pages. When you get high authority, the high authority site will transfer authority to your web page. So, when you make links for your website, choose authority links.

How to get links from higher domain authority sites?

There are two methods to get links from higher domain authority sites.

  1. Find your keyword in browser. You can get direct domain authority report in the search engine results. Check the pages for higher SEO page authority and contact to the webmasters for guest posting and link exchange. If you are allowed to put links in the comment box, then place your links and check No Follow and Do Follow elements. No Follow comments do not bring anything to your page ranking effort thus should be avoided.
  2. Submit a good quality article in places like hubpage, Squidoo, Prlog, free blog, ezine and other guest blog post. But, avoid posting the same article in many places as it may look duplicated to search engines and you may get spammy backlinks. When you put article, a backlink page will be given to you. Hit this page and promote in social media to get indexed and increase authority of your web pages. It is your authority that passes authority. So, keep this in mind.
  3. Write ‘Submit link’ in the search box and check how many directories are showing high page authority.

If you want to get links from high domain authority, then use good keywords, description and title in your articles and post in web directories. There are many other ways that can help you increase the domain authority of your website. Go through the above mentioned methods and mix them with the tactics you practiced to boost your domain authority.

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