How to Protect your Children against Inappropriate Internet Content


Internet holds numerous sorts of data and not all are appropriate for your kids to view. In fact, there are myriads of inappropriate, age restricted content, cyberbullies, child predator, identity thieves, hackers and malwares looming over your network to seek a chance to enter your computer. First step towards protecting your kids and computer against these is to install pop-up blocker and ask your kids to never ever give out there real identity like name, age, address, etc online. However, in today world of social media, excessive sharing and sexing is so common that these precautions are not enough.

Therefore, you are going to need a more strict and effective guideline to protect your toddlers. Here are some of the safest surfing tips for your little ones.

Decide what your kids can and can’t view on internet:

There are several websites that are very helpful for your kids, but you should pay strict attention to those sites that ask for your personal information. Read the privacy policy completely and if there is some condition that you don’t agree with, look for similar sites that do not have such policies.

Block inappropriate websites and content:

One of the best actions against inappropriate content is to block it before your toddlers see it. A lot of internet security applications give you advance options for parental control.

Parental Control in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8:

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 include very powerful parental control features. These features help you monitor each and every activity that your kids do on internet. You can not only monitor what type of content your children are viewing, but also restrict them from doing so. You can also limit the hours they spend on internet.

Increase Security and Privacy:

Other than blocking inappropriate content, blocking inappropriate websites and downloads that might be risky to your computer is a good move. Therefore, set limit to downloads and install effective internet security applications that will restrict hazardous content from downloading into your computer.

Remind your kid not to talk to strangers online:

A lot of websites have chatting options. You should ask your kids to strictly not to talk to any stranger online whatsoever. Do not fill any random files online.

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