5 Things to Know About IP Address Management Systems

We are currently in a world that relies upon IP address. An IP Address is a unique set of numbers assigned to devices that are connected to a network, which follows the Internet Protocol. IP addresses are vital for corporates. All kinds of companies are consuming them faster, with more applications and devices than ever … Read more →

How IP routing works

The routing acts as the main support for sending the data from one device to the other by using the network. For transferring data the IP network acts as like a bridge between the two different devices. During transfer the data had been broken into smaller units that are called as packets. This data unit … Read more →

Default IP Address for Home Network Routers

Almost everyone would have heard about the term IP address but most of the people will not have any idea about that. An IP address can be defined as numerical label which is generally assigned to devices such as computer, printer and few other devices which are able to associate with a computer network. Most … Read more →

How To Configure Your IP Routing Easily

When it comes to the home network with the branded wireless modem or router device, IP routing is one of the most essential processes to be handled. While considering the IP routing, there are three types of routing available such as, Static routing Dynamic routing Default routing Configuring these three routing types are very helpful … Read more →

Facebook + Spotify (and how to use Spotify internationally)

Facebook and Spotify teams up to provide a new music service to Facebook users. The new service will probably be named “Facebook Music” or “Spotify on Facebook” and is said to be launched in as soon as just two weeks, according to Forbes. Apparently there’s no money shifting hands in this deal, Facebook doesn’t pay … Read more →

A Brief Introduction to Domain Names and How To Find & Register One

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you will know that we occasionally publish articles on blog-related stuff, such as picking a web host, which blogging platform to choose and so on. Now it’s time to look into domain names, as they also have quite an important role in your online blogging business – … Read more →

Gmail Warns About Suspicious Activity

Since (almost) forever, Gmail has been showing from where (IP address) the last login at your mail account occurred. But very few people actually pay attention to it and most people are not aware of their own IP address and whether or not a login has occurred from a different IP. Now, Google changed this … Read more →