Facebook + Spotify (and how to use Spotify internationally)

Facebook and Spotify teams up to provide a new music service to Facebook users. The new service will probably be named “Facebook Music” or “Spotify on Facebook” and is said to be launched in as soon as just two weeks, according to Forbes.

Apparently there’s no money shifting hands in this deal, Facebook doesn’t pay Spotify anything for this and Spotify doesn’t pay Facebook anything either – both parties believe the agreement of teaming up will be of benefit to both of them.

Even though Spotify will now be able to reach out to millions of new users, their service will still be limited to the same countries as usual, which are Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Spotify offers a free subscription that allows 10 hours of music each month and a Premium subscription at around €10.

PS: There’s actually a way around the country limitations of Spotify. I’m living in Malta and I’ve been subscribing to Spotify Premium for quite a while now. To be honest, I can’t really remember how I got through signup, whether or not it requires a United Kingdom IP address or if that doesn’t matter, they just need a zip code within the UK and of course you also need a credit card that will work and this is where it gets tricky. Probably the easiest thing is to find a friend in the UK and transfer the monthly subscription to him and have him login at your Spotify account to enter his credit card details.

This whole procedure is probably not allowed Spotify… but I’m guessing they don’t mind having paying customers? However, I’m likely going to cancel Spotify if/when Apple launches something cloud-based for iTunes, if it’s a good deal of course.

Speaking of Facebook, are you a member of the TechPatio Faceobok page yet…?

10 thoughts on “Facebook + Spotify (and how to use Spotify internationally)”

  1. There’s always a way to get around little roadblocks that people set up isn’t there Klaus? As to the name I reckon they would go for Spotify on Facebook because that way they both get a mention.

    • I remember when I wanted to try Spotify but it wasn’t available in Australia. Although I don’t think I’d want to go to all the trouble just yet to work around it at this stage 🙂

  2. I would have loved to try their free 10 hours monthly subscription. Unfortunately, it’s still unavailable in my country of residence 🙁

  3. At first I was kinda confused since I hadn’t heard of Spotify, but then you mentioned its availability and I realized I hadn’t heard of it because I can’t get it here in the States! But if it’s really so good as to be worth circumventing barriers to its availability, then it’s worth checking out!


  4. I’m not familiar with Spotify. I’m not sure if it s available in my country.
    It’s sounds nice I would try it…

  5. I have never heard about spotify earlier and I think if it joint hands with facebook and brings music, millions of facebook users will definitely benefit from it.

  6. This is definitely a good news to Facebook users, especially those who loves listening to music and addicted to Facebook at the same time (sounds like me ;)). By the way, two weeks is gone and it hasn’t launched. Anyway I am looking forward to it.

  7. This will be an interesting feature that Facebook brings for its users. I think this make facebookers even more addicted to it. Thanks for sharing with us:)


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