The power of a green screen (TV shows)

Hopefully you’re already not trusting what you see on TV, or anywhere else that’s digital, for that matter, because it’s so easy to “photoshop” it to look completely different.

For example, take a look at this reel from Stargate Studios. It features some scenes from “24” that I could recognize, and also Monk I believe, plus a bunch of other shows you’re probably familiar with.

Take a look… it’s pretty cool.

Oh, technology these days…

9 thoughts on “The power of a green screen (TV shows)”

  1. šŸ˜› , great Yes its the green Cloth Which projects All the Animations and Special effects we see on the TV, but its Talked less, I think there must be a Specific Reason behind , Why Only Green Color Cloth is used ?

    • Green and blue is the most-used colors. I guess because they’re easiest to “key out” in post processing, especially when there are humans in them as we rarely have green and blue hair etc.

  2. Cool! I never though that the jogging scene could also be like that. Seems like you can make your own blockbuster movie at your backyard.

  3. I love this! I saw a blog post recently that talked about setting up your own green screen. You reminded me that I need to Google that and do it!

  4. At times, you can see the cgi effects (which make it really lame) but at times nowadays, they look so good and real that you can’t differentiate them anymore!

  5. Wow – that’s incredible. Do you think using a green screen detracts from the experience? Now that I know these shows all use green screen, I’m wondering what else uses that technology. The good news about using green screen is that they can control the lighting and take out any other variables. Makes it predictable.


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