Sony expands headphone offerings with 3 new ranges

SONY MDR-ZX700 headphones

Sony today announced three new ranges for their headphone offerings:

The MDR-Z1000 professional monitor headphone takes recording studio quality sound to the next level by using innovative design and cutting-edge materials. The MDR-Z1000 draws on decades of professional audio know-how by Sony, fusing innovative design and cutting-edge materials to deliver uncompromised performance in critical production environments.

The MDR-ZX series offers recording studio sound wherever you are and is an ideal step-up from your MP3 player’s headphones.  All ZX models feature a closed-type design to minimise leakage – keeping your sounds more personal when you’re in a crowded bus or train carriage on the morning commute.

The MDR-EX series is a range of 7 colourful in-ear phone that give great sound on the move for everyone – from casual music-lovers to the most committed audiophile. The flagship of the EX Monitor Series, the MDR-EX1000 offers the ultimate performance boost for your MP3 player. Painstakingly crafted from the finest materials, it features a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) film diaphragm with newly developed 16mm driver unit.

Lots more information & photos available in the Sony Press Centre.


5 thoughts on “Sony expands headphone offerings with 3 new ranges”

  1. You have lots of better headphones, of course, they are nice, but the prices are too high for the results, I am sorry

  2. These are pretty cool! I see what there doing here but i don’t think i would use them do to i only wear my headphones while working out and i don’t want to hear anyone lol! I want my music as loud as can be and drown everything else out lol


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