Xperia Z3 – Sony’s second smartphone flagship in 2014 to be released most likely by September end

August 17, 2014

As per market share for smartphones, Samsung holds the number one position. If Samsung wants to hold this position then it will have to face a tough time coming from Sony. While most popular smartphone brands are coming out with one flagship a year, Sony is doing something different, releasing around two every year. With […]

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Xperia Z1 Compact Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – First Look

April 11, 2014

Today, bigger screen smartphones are ruling the industry. However, you will still find a large sect of people that have got their preference for the mini versions of the device. If you are looking to buy a compact smartphone having all the modern features in it then you can choose from the two best devices, […]

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Head to Head Competition: Video Gaming Giants Face Each Other in the Market

January 24, 2014

Let the games begin. The two largest gaming companies in the world – Microsoft and Sony – are ready to knock heads with their latest game console offering. Each one promises the next-gen greatness that will be so epic, you won’t ever need another game console ever again. You’ve probably heard it all before and, […]

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Redefining Laptops as We Know It

December 18, 2013

Laptops have been around now for many years and they have slowly crept their way as to being an essential part of our modern lives. Many of us cannot live without our laptops as they are part of our day-to-day activities, whether it is for school, for work, or simply for leisure or entertainment purposes. […]

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Top 5 Features of the Sony Xperia Z1

October 28, 2013

Sony Xperia Z1 is one of the most exciting smartphone introduced by Sony till date. The device is pretty impressive and has got all the necessary functionalities and looks that any user will desire. Even though its predecessor, i.e., Xperia Z was a huge hit in the smartphone arena, Z1 will go an extra mile […]

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Photography: Mirrorless or DSLR?

October 9, 2013

You know me, being a gadget freak and reviewer of many things tech related on this blog, I get around a lot in the world of shiny things that runs on electricity. When it comes to photography, I started out with a DSLR camera some years ago. It was fun and I spent hours and […]

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Sony Xperia Z1 – The Best Android Camera Phone

October 4, 2013

Sony has always kept the customers happy by making innovative products. Ever since they started making mobile devices, they used to put that ‘something’ in their devices that made them different from other manufacturers. We remember using a monochrome Sony device having the scroll wheel which made it much later to the blackberries and Sony […]

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Olympus OM-D E-M5 vs Sony NEX-6: Why I picked…

May 6, 2013

… the Olympus OM-D E-M5. Before I explain why I went with the OM-D E-M5, which I will just call OMD EM5 from now on, first let me give a little background story. I used to be a Nikon DSLR shooter (I still am, but I never use my Nikon gear anymore, so it will […]

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Sony NEX-5R – the best compact camera yet?

December 14, 2012

Maybe not the best, if price doesn’t matter. The Sony RX1 is a killer camera, small and with a full frame sensor, it’s absolutely gorgeous. But let’s be honest, who can afford £2600 for a camera? I can’t, but I can afford the £479 price tag on the NEX-5R and that price even includes an […]

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Digital Camera – Sony Launches Some Great Ones

December 8, 2012

Sony is known for making non – DSLR cameras and is one of the most famous brands. These cameras have a great reputation and their features are loved by many. Technology moves fast and one version replaces the other quickly, with enhanced features and beautiful appearances. Sony’s NEX series was a leap forward, as the […]

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Top 12 Gadgets I Want For Christmas – And Maybe You Would Too? [2012]

December 2, 2012

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, folks! Welcome to another edition of the “Top 10 12 gadgets I want for Christmas – and maybe you would too?”. Now that we’re in 2012 I would like to start this article out by highlighting some of the gadgets that were on the Christmas gadgets list for 2011. First up […]

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My favorite Sony Cyber-shot™ digital cameras at the moment

November 20, 2012

Today I would like to introduce you to my favorite non-DSLR camera brand: Sony.My first encounter with Sony’s digital cameras was a few years ago when I purchased the Sony HX5V. It was pretty good and had some really great features. Since then HX5V is now obsolete because technology moves fast, but I’ve been told […]

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Top 5 Camera Phones of 2012

October 31, 2012

The constant battle for the throne, between high-end smartphones never seems to end. Manufacturers squeeze extra juices everywhere possible to make their own product superior, varying from processing power to custom user interface. The camera plays a key factor in any smartphone, and it becomes a critical factor among the top-rivals aiming for the number […]

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The Sony Xperia Tablet S – A Place for Your Imagination to Play

September 28, 2012

There is a flurry of tablet computers in the market today and while some offers usability, a lot are just poorly-made rip-off gadgets trying to vie in the tablet market.  Buying a tablet these days can be quite difficult as many claim theirs to be better or more powerful.  The thing is, buying a tablet […]

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Apple to end up like Sony?

May 2, 2012

Without Steve Jobs, Apple will not be able to continue to produce “magical” products. At least that’s what George Colony from Forrester (analytics company) writes on his blog. Even though Apple continues to beat their own records every time they release new financial statements, George Colony thinks that Apple will eventually end up like Sony […]

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Smart TV: A New Era in Entertainment

April 28, 2012

Smart TV also known as Connected TV is a new breed of intelligent devices which offer entertainment like never before. Similar to Smart Phones these devices can be hooked up to the internet giving the viewers access to the content earlier available on the computers and the smartphones only. With a Smart TV you can […]

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Sony NEX-5N firmware update 1.01 improves autofocus speed [video]

March 13, 2012

Sony just released a firmware update, version 1.01 for their NEX-5N camera, which improves autofocus speed. The update doesn’t do much, here’s all it does: Enhancement of AF response: When subject distance changes enormously. Improved stability in certain camera operations: When setting [Lens Compensation: Distortion] “Auto” and [Picture Effect] “Miniature” at the same time. When […]

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Sony NEX converters: Ultra Wide Angle & Fisheye, on 16mm f2.8 [Photos]

February 29, 2012

Here’s a quick comparison shot between three Sony NEX lenses. Actually, it’s only one lens, but with two converters. So what we have here, are the following lenses/converters: Sony SEL16F28 which is a 16mm f2.8 wide-angle lens. Sony VCLECU1 which is a 12mm ultra-wide angle converter. Sony VCLECF1 which is a fisheye converter. Voigtländer Nokton […]

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What more will Sony Xperia Concept Phone bring to Market? The Insidelooks!

January 16, 2012

Sony has been the Idealist Company as well as perfectionist. The concept of phones development right from building high quality hardware to fast performing processors, every part of it miniaturized. All concept phones are always remaining as concept and hardly push the market, but it provides an opportunity for the company to show case it […]

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Review: Sony PlayStation 3 Wireless Headset (Virtual Surround)

December 4, 2011

Since I listed the Sony PlayStation 3 wireless headset with virtual surround on my top 10 gadgets I want for Christmas list, I’ve received a few questions from TechPatio readers about this headset. Honestly, this headset probably shouldn’t be on the “I want”-list, as I already have it, but I’m just so thrilled about this […]

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Top 10 Gadgets I Want For Christmas – And Maybe You Would Too? [2011]

November 27, 2011

Greetings and welcome to the 2011 list of “top 10 gadgets I want for Christmas – and maybe you would too?”. This list also exists for 2009 and 2010, in case you want to check’em out for any ideas that might still be gadget worthy. Before we get on with this list for 2011, I […]

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Fuji X100: My First Impressions [UPDATED August 1st 2011]

July 6, 2011

I’ve been eyeballing the Fuji X100 camera since it was announced late 2010. Initially I thought it was too expensive, considering the limitations such as fixed focal length and fixed lens, meaning you can’t zoom (without using your feet, that is) and you can’t change the lens to anything else, like on DSLR and on […]

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Sony HX9V digital camera – Overview

July 5, 2011

Sony’s latest range of Cyber-shot digital cameras were released in late April 2011 with the DSC-HX9V at the forefront of these new designs. Much like it’s predecessor the DSC-HX7V, the 9V is designed as a traditional compact camera which boasts some top-end new camera technologies. The appearance of the camera is very similar to the […]

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Best Blu-ray Players

June 15, 2011

When Blu-ray players first came on the market, they were exclusive, expensive pieces of technology. Now that a few years have gone by and the prices have fallen, there are more than a few models to choose from. But which players offer the best of performance, features and price? Here are the top Blu-ray players […]

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