Photography: Mirrorless or DSLR?

You know me, being a gadget freak and reviewer of many things tech related on this blog, I get around a lot in the world of shiny things that runs on electricity.

When it comes to photography, I started out with a DSLR camera some years ago. It was fun and I spent hours and hours shooting, learning and sharing photos online and with anybody who I could convince to take a look at my poor newbie photographs.

Fast forward and a few different DSLR cameras later, I moved on and sold my DSLR equipment. Now I’m shooting exclusively with a compact system camera, also known as “EVIL” (Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangeable Lens) and “MILC” (Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera).

Quality wise, for a non-professional photographer like me, I have no problems shooting with the smaller mirrorless cameras. They weigh less (good for back/shoulders) so they get around with you more, than a heavy DSLR that you don’t want to take along every time you go out.

The image sensor in a compact system camera can also compete with the sensor in a DSLR camera. Size wise, the sensor in the Sony NEX series, are the same as the one from the crop-sensor DSLR cameras. Only full-frame DSLR cameras come with a bigger sensor – and a completely different price tag!

As you can see from the infographics at the bottom of the article, bigger is better when it comes to certain things. When it comes to photography, it depends a lot on who you are and whether or not you are working as a full-time professional photographer.

For certain action shots, the focusing system in expensive DSRL cameras are still faster than those in mirrorless cameras. Not long ago, photographers also said the viewfinder were better – and they were, because electronic viewfinders (EVF) were not as high quality back then, but today they are much better and some people actually prefer EVF’s now.

Nowadays, I always recommend one of the many great mirrorless cameras to people who would like to get more into photography. The offer the same in terms of manual controls as DSRL cameras does, so they can learn photography from the basics, but they don’t get a huge and heavy camera they might eventually get tired of lugging around.

The Sony NEX range of mirrorless cameras are both small and fun to use while they offer great image quality. With the E-mount lens system, you can also customize the camera just like you can with a DSLR, so if you want a long zoom lens, you can attach that. Want to go super-wide, you can attach such a lens. There’s basically a lens for all occasions 🙂


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