Redefining Laptops as We Know It


Laptops have been around now for many years and they have slowly crept their way as to being an essential part of our modern lives. Many of us cannot live without our laptops as they are part of our day-to-day activities, whether it is for school, for work, or simply for leisure or entertainment purposes.

In the past, laptops have been bulky and a bit cumbersome to carry around. However, thanks to the many technological advancements seen in the recent decade such as LCD and battery technology, the laptops we have been seeing lately have changed a lot for the better – with Sony being at the helm of the many advancements and innovations. Back in 1997 when Sony introduced VAIO and its range of laptop products, it inadvertently changed how people view laptops as not only are the VAIO laptops better in terms of performance and usability, but they also have very pleasant design aesthetics. They have in essence redefined the quality of laptops as we know it. Ask anyone about VAIO and they will instantly think “laptops”.

To date, VAIO laptops are still at the forefront of technology. Their new range of VAIO laptops features innovative LED technology that not only ensures better viewing experience through slimmer and lighter screens, but also better battery life. Some models even have VAIO Display Plus, a feature that provides wider viewing angles and reduced reflection so you can watch your favorite videos with great display quality. On professional notebooks, the VAIO Display Premium takes the screen up another notch with a higher level of brightness, performance, and full HD display quality while being powered by the best and latest processors available.

Aside from just displays and processors, you can also tailor your very own VAIO to suit your personality. Each range of laptops and notebooks are available in different colors and finishes to fit your taste and style – quite a nice touch, if I may so myself. This practically makes each range of VAIO laptops not just a performer, but also an eye-catcher.

Another innovative product that Sony has come to release is the VAIO Tap 11 which features a combination of a tablet and notebook in one. The product itself is easily considered as the thinnest Windows 8 tablet PC as well as the best Windows 8 tablet there is. Basically, the VAIO Tap 11 provides both the strength and performance of a PC along with the lightweight and convenience of a tablet. One of the features of the VAIO Tap 11 is the VAIO Inspiration Suite which is basically a range of powerful applications that helps you capture, edit, and share your ideas – easily making every day moments into memorable ones.

How to use VAIO Inspiration Suite - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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