11 Security Measures to Improve Your Microsoft 365 Security

January 25, 2022
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Making the most of your Microsoft 365 apps requires you to adopt appropriate security measures. Microsoft 365 is one of the best collaboration and productivity tools around. It provides users with seamless communication, scalability and supports remote work with various features. The security is also solid due to a wide array of defense mechanisms. But […]

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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is Improving the Way You do Business 

October 5, 2021
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There’s no denying the COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamic of the workplace, perhaps forever. While the pandemic slowly subsides, many companies and organizations are still adhering to the work-at-home policy, not necessarily to keep workers safe, but to save on office expenses, and even rent. Clearly, the new era of the digital workplace has dawned.  […]

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Walkthrough to Perform OneDrive for Business Migration Guided Steps

September 24, 2021
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Walkthrough – Migrating OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business Guided Steps Plot Summary: Eager to know the most reliable and secure steps to perform OneDrive for business migration? If yes then you can read this article to learn the same in the most informative way. Let’s get started. OneDrive for Business is a platform […]

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PowerApps: Platform that develops faster with no or low code

August 31, 2021
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In this highly competitive IT market, you need a platform to develop your own business application with low codes like formulas, expressions, and logic. That is what Microsoft power apps come up with. It offers the developers a very low code and rapid application development platform to create their own explicitly professional app as per […]

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Microsoft finally reveals Windows 11

July 1, 2021
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This article will give a brief overview of Windows 10 and details about the much anticipated Windows 11. Overview of Windows 10: Windows 10 is easy to use and familiar, with many features in common with Windows 7, such as the Start menu. It is designed to work with existing software and hardware, and it […]

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How do I Start a Career in Azure?

April 23, 2021
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Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform with more than 200 products or services that are specially designed to help you bring new solutions to life. It is an online portal that allows you to access and manage resources and cloud services provided by Microsoft. It also helps to solve today’s challenges and create the future. […]

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What Can You Do With Microsoft Teams? 

June 25, 2020
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With companies all over the world adjusting to the new remote work culture, they are looking for new ways to connect their teams and increase their productivity. One of the technologies that have been steadily rising this year has been Microsoft Teams. In fact, according to a recent report, there are 44 million people using […]

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Microsoft Dynamics AX – An independent cloud-based platform

December 18, 2018

Most of the enterprises are already aware of Microsoft Dynamics AX7 being entirely a cloud-based solution from now onwards, and it being renamed to Microsoft Dynamics AX. After going through minor feature changes and various name changes like Microsoft Dynamics AX7, Rainier, AX 2015, Dynamics AX7, the latest release in the series – the ‘Microsoft […]

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UK-Based Company, One of 11 Worldwide Businesses on Prestigious Microsoft Programme

October 26, 2018

IT solutions company is the only UK representative on new global Microsoft programme UK based innovative technology solutions company TSG Ltd has been announced as one of 11 worldwide businesses to become a charter member of Microsoft’s limited SharePoint Business Applications Partner Program, the only UK-based partner involved. The news comes shortly after the business […]

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The Best Tablets for Travelling

August 22, 2018

If you are looking to do some serious travelling it is likely you will want to take your tablet with you. Tablets are the perfect way to take a huge amount of devices with you in one product. Tablets can be your book collection, guide book, maps, research tool, music catalogue, camera, notebook and communication […]

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Windows Computers – Affordable, Convenient Size, Perfect!

April 6, 2018

Are you finally making the decision of getting rid of your ancient personal computer and opting for a laptop or a more modern personal computer? The question that arises next is which computer should you buy? Buying a new computer in today’s day and age can be so confusing and complicated. There are so many […]

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Review of Microsoft Xbox One S

January 18, 2017

The Xbox One S is the upgrade to the existing Xbox One. Deep down it is the same console that Microsoft released in 2013 but there have been significant changes. It is forty percent smaller as compared to the original one. It is a slim white box rather than the bulky machine. It incorporates the […]

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Top 5 Technology Gifts For Your Kids In 2017

December 14, 2016

The month of December has started, and Christmas is quickly approaching. Of course, Christmas is a time to give and take, but one should know exactly what to give, especially if the gift is being picked for kids. First of all, research thoroughly what your child likes the most. As technology is always one of […]

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How to Use Technology to Make the Workplace More Efficient

October 6, 2015

In these days of rapid technological innovation, technology has become a buzzword. Businesses talk about technology in the abstract, as if it was more an idea, and less a set of tools for practical implementation. When the idea of technology becomes divorced from the practicality of technology, businesses do some weird and wasteful things in […]

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Kill Switch All Set To Deter Thieves

June 26, 2014

Samsung and Apple led the way, and now Google and Microsoft have agreed to add remote kill switches to their operating systems in a bid to make their devices safer, and less likely to be stolen. The feature will give users to disable their device should it get lost or stolen, completely wiping the device, […]

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The Most Awaited Electronic Gadgets Are On The Verge On Release Dates

April 22, 2014

Electronic gadgets are available in various specifications, to meet the growing demands of the customers. These products are mostly used to lessen up the manual labor and to create the finest possible service, related with the zone of modern latest technicalities. From video calling services to latest technical gadgets, there are different types of services, […]

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Head to Head Competition: Video Gaming Giants Face Each Other in the Market

January 24, 2014

Let the games begin. The two largest gaming companies in the world – Microsoft and Sony – are ready to knock heads with their latest game console offering. Each one promises the next-gen greatness that will be so epic, you won’t ever need another game console ever again. You’ve probably heard it all before and, […]

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Tech Wars: Giant Firms Battle the Authorities and Each Other

April 4, 2013

Their products dominate our lives, while they dominate the markets for PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs and digital cameras, but the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, LG and Toshiba have fallen foul of the law more than once, and when they did, it’s been costly. There have been several high-profile lawsuits involving some of the world’s […]

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Deleted File Recovery with System Restore Facility

February 3, 2013

If we talk about the recovery of deleted files, Microsoft has offered a great feature which is called as system restore. However, only few people know its proper use while great majority cannot understand it properly. The basic aim of this application is to remove those programs which obstruct the normal functioning of your computer. […]

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Microsoft Surface – The Ultimate Business Computer

November 30, 2012

Since the iPad was launched by Apple in 2010, tablet computing has really taken off both for consumers and business users. There is one major problem with the iPad and competing tablets for business users however. They simply don’t do enough. It’s hard to argue that anything comes close to the iPad for content consumption […]

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Microsoft: “Brand name” computers more reliable than no-name

June 29, 2012

Microsoft has analyzed error messages and reports from around 1 million consumer computers and used the data to compile a huge report. It is believed that this is the biggest survey of its kind. Their research shows that computers built by reputable manufacturers, also known as “brand name” computers, are more reliable than no-name computers […]

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Microsoft’s New Tablet is No iPad Killer

June 25, 2012

The Microsoft Surface tablet is one good lookin’ product. The frame is made of rugged magnesium, which Microsoft is calling VaporMag. The tablet is also thin and lightweight, giving it maximum portability. In terms of design, the surface tablet has two standout features: the attachable keyboard and the integrated kickstand. When combined, these two features […]

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Microsoft FAILs its “Surface” presentation [video]

June 21, 2012

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division, didn’t have an easy day at the office yesterday when Microsoft announced (and showed off) their new tablet, Microsoft Surface. In fact, he probably lived every tech presenters nightmare right there on the stage. When Steven Sinofsky got to presenting Internet Explorer on Surface, the Surface he was […]

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Best techniques to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

May 4, 2012

Nothing is 100% virus proof but by taking the following precautions, you can help reduce the risk of your computer being infected by a virus that could do significant damage. Microsoft offers a feature for Microsoft Windows users through their Microsoft Windows Security Center/ Protect Your PC Site which can help you enable the essentials […]

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