Microsoft finally reveals Windows 11

This article will give a brief overview of Windows 10 and details about the much anticipated Windows 11.

Overview of Windows 10:

Windows 10 is easy to use and familiar, with many features in common with Windows 7, such as the Start menu. It is designed to work with existing software and hardware, and it starts up and resumes quickly. It also has more built-in security to help keep you safe. Windows 10 is a feature-rich, well-polished operating system that will appeal to a wide range of consumers. The May 2021 Update (aka 21H1) doesn’t include any major new features, but with Windows 11 on the horizon, we should expect significant changes in the fall.

Windows 11 is unveiled by Microsoft, with a new design, functionality, and more.

Microsoft has finally released a new version of its operating system, Windows 11, after almost six years of waiting. Microsoft’s next operating system boasts a fresh new look and a slew of new features. What’s different about Windows 11? For starters, there’s a new Start menu, and the Start button has been redesigned by Microsoft. The taskbar now houses both the Start menu and the button.

Live Tiles, which we last saw in Windows 8, have been added to the Start menu. Google’s Chrome OS appears to have influenced it. In addition to the Web, OneDrive, and the PC, the Start menu contains a Search box. The design has also been updated by Microsoft, with more rounded icons. With Windows 11, you can also get new themes and a dark/light mode option. Snap Groups, a group of apps that users can access conveniently from the taskbar, is another new feature. Users can also access programs on numerous devices with Windows 11 for a more fluid workflow.

Android apps on Windows in a brand-new Windows marketplace

With new icons and layouts, the Windows Store is receiving a makeover. Apps for Android will be available on Windows 11. Microsoft has announced that it will receive Android apps for Windows 11 through Amazon’s app store. Android apps will be available on the Windows Store thanks to Intel Bridge technology. Aside from that, Microsoft also offers incentives to developers. For in-app purchases, developers will be able to utilize any payment mechanism. Furthermore, Microsoft will not receive a portion from those transactions. This is a significant incentive for developers, as they must give Apple a 30% cut of every App Store transaction.

Microsoft Teams will be better integrated with Windows 11 as well. Users will be able to start a Teams meeting right away, and the app will be given a prominent location on Windows 11.

Summing Up

All there is to Windows 11 is this. One thing we can be sure of is that the new Windows will be able to carry out tasks such as data transfer with ease. You can sign up for the Beta channel to get Windows 11 when it’s more stable, skipping the first few builds. Because the Beta channel is intended for when Windows 11 is in the RTM phase, Microsoft should only provide cumulative updates at that time. Windows 11 should be available in the Beta channel this summer.

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  1. windows 10 is cool windows 11 is 50% of windows 10 because it’s not officially released, on beta testing I face a lot of bugs and hanging issues on windows 11 let the official version comes out then we will share our feedback


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