Digital Camera – Sony Launches Some Great Ones

by Guest Author on December 8, 2012

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Sony TX20

Sony is known for making non – DSLR cameras and is one of the most famous brands. These cameras have a great reputation and their features are loved by many. Technology moves fast and one version replaces the other quickly, with enhanced features and beautiful appearances.

Sony’s NEX series was a leap forward, as the lens system of these cameras is interchangeable. These cameras are larger in size but yet DSLR cameras are bigger. Small cameras of Sony are really good. They are compact yet offer great features. Sony’s professional range is also very rich and these professional cameras have amazing features. The new professional camera of Sony has a full frame 35mm sensor, which is something really great for a professional camera. In small camera body they have provided many astonishing features, which is offered in bog models of other companies. Nikon offers it in D800 and Canon offers the same in 1D. If you don’t want to carry a big camera, Sony is there to help you.

If we talk about budget camera, Sony offers many options. For instance, Cyber- Shot. The camera houses a GPS recorder, which helps you to remember that where you have taken a particular picture. It has great zoom feature, as you can zoom up to 20X. For a digital camera, it’s really a lot. Moreover, its 18.2 mega pixels, which mean a crystal clear photo and great shooting experience. It is supported by HD, a big plus. If you like slim camera, which are stylish too, Sony TX20 is the right choice. It is not only durable but company has made it waterproof also. It is 16.2 megapixel and supported by full HD.

Sony has a great verity of the cameras and one can mention many, however here we are talking about just the few categories of camera, which are manufactured by Sony. For professionals, who need full frame sensors, RX1 is the right choice, while common people who love to shoot will love HX20V range. Both of these categories are quite good. The third category is a smart and slim camera, TX20. If you need to shoot under water, this waterproof camera is the right choice. According to a survey, more than 250 million photos are uploaded on Facebook daily, which is really a big number. This shows that how many people love to shoot.

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Guest article written by Munira. If you are looking for latest tech gadgets, top tens and reviews then is the best place to visit for this purpose.


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Guest article written by Munira. If you are looking for latest tech gadgets, top tens and reviews then is the best place to visit for this purpose.


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Umpreet December 30, 2012 at 18:16

Yeam man SOny will rock the Camera world 😀 Your blog is addictive 🙁
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