How to Send Large Files over the Internet

Large files can be a real pain to send over the internet. If you have ever tried to send a large file online, you probably already know what I mean. E-mail services time out and online chat programs take forever to transfer files. Until recently, there was no easy way to send a large file over the web.

Fortunately, there are now multiple services that make it easy to send files to your friends across the internet. These companies are designed to store and send files of any size. If you need a quick and easy way to send big files online, these are the services that can get the job done.

1. SpiderOak

SpiderOak is one of my favorite storage and hosting services. SpiderOak provides file syncing, online storage and a simple way to share large files online. With no file size limits, SpiderOak is the best solution for sending files online.

You can share files via SpiderOak by using special “share rooms.” You can upload files to these share rooms and then invite other people to those rooms. The people that you invite are welcome to download those files at their leisure.

If your file is less than 2 GBs, you can use a free SpiderOak account to share the file with someone else. Files larger than 2 GBs will require a paid subscription. Paid SpiderOak accounts cost $10 a month per 100 GBs of storage space.

2. Dropcanvas

Dropcanvas is a simple and free file sharing website that accepts files up to 5 GBs in size. The advantage of Dropcanvas is that you can send files up to 5 GBs in size without paying a thing. The downside is that Dropcanvas is still relatively new and untested.

For that reason, I would only use Dropcanvas to send files that aren’t sensitive. If your files are private and you need extra security, SpiderOak is a better bet by far. For everything else, Dropcanvas is fast and effective. Just visit the website, drag-n-drop your file to the canvas and send the download link to your friend.

3. JustCloud

JustCloud is a simple online backup and file syncing tool. It provides unlimited storage space but the maximum individual file size is 5 GBs. As long as your files are less than 5 GBs in size, JustCloud is another solid option for sharing large files online.

You’ll need a paid JustCloud account to take advantage of file sharing. The cheapest JustCloud account costs $6.95 per month with no contract. This plan gives you 75 GB of sharing space. You can get an unlimited storage account for $9.95 per month. The unlimited storage account allows you to store as many files online as you want, but the maximum file size is still 5 GBs.

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Guest article written by: Wes Burns is a tech writer and online business owner. In addition to his own projects, he contributes regularly to a popular online backup blog.


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Guest article written by: Wes Burns is a tech writer and online business owner. In addition to his own projects, he contributes regularly to a popular online backup blog.


7 thoughts on “How to Send Large Files over the Internet”

  1. dropbox and not only allow for large file transfer but also for good secured files online. Give them a try.

    • Agreed I use DropBox only and really works wonder. Though above mentioned sites are too seems promising, would give them try in near future.

  2. Spending around $10 is not a big deal. one must have a reliable and fast internet connection to upload and download his files.

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  4. The cool things about it are obviously it’s incredibly easy to use, just drag, drop and distribute link. But there are also some nice touches, like the fact that when you click the download button, the app automatically zip compresses the file to make the download as small as possible!

  5. Awesome list!
    The list of the sites mentioned are of great use to every one to send and receive large sized files. As we cannot send files through mails we can use these services to fulfill our needs.


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