Sony’s Project Q – The Next PlayStation Handheld

The PSP or PlayStation Portable was the handheld gaming console of Sony for many years. Sony discontinued the device around for years ago, leaving Nintendo with its Switch to dominate the handheld gaming console genre. However, Sony is making a comeback on the portable gaming device with its Q handheld.

There have been speculations that Sony is building a portable gaming device. Just a few days back, Sony finally confirmed that it is indeed working on a PlayStation handheld that will help make playing PS5 games easier. Codenamed “Project Q”, the new console was announced May 24 at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase.

According to Sony, the handheld will be released later this year. Although no specific time was announced, it is speculated to be around Black Friday in November or during the Christmas holidays. No pricing was announced but it can be deduced to be in between the Switch ($349) and the PS5 ($499).

The handheld’s physical feature will look very much like the PlayStation’s controller based on the image showcased by Sony. It will also sport an 8-inch HD touchscreen along with buttons that are similar to the PS5 controller. No specifics have been given as to the screen’s resolution. However, some suspect that it will be a full HD instead of just a regular HD screen.

Sony’s presentation of the Q handheld indicates that the games played on the handheld device must be installed on the PlayStation 5 console itself. This means that the handheld is more like a companion of the PS5 instead of a standalone gaming device. We will know more once Sony releases full details on their new portable handheld gaming device.