FlexClip Review: A Free Video Editor for Video Marketers

August 30, 2020
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Since we are buried with abundant videos today, every marketer knows how vital video marketing promotes their business. Video is not just for fun anymore. We can tell from that 81% of buyers bought a product or service after watching a marketing video. Video is now considering as an integral part of many companies’ […]

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Top 10 Product Review Websites

May 3, 2020
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(Image credit- Helpie WP) Product reviewing websites have always been the favorite for many tech enthusiasts. Although the era of video content including every product available from different fields has cut out the audience of the usual audience who used to visit the websites in order to get the best possible review of the products […]

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

March 10, 2020
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Samsung has just introduced its new Galaxy S20, and we speak in the plural because this year we have three models.  Next, we tell you all the details of the new Samsung Galaxy S20, and also some details of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Last year, Samsung launched their S10 […]

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DesignCap: Simple Graphic Making Tool, Great Design Result! 

February 19, 2020
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To bring more customers and get your product hot, give it an attractive promotional graphic design like poster, flyer, infographic, logo, etc. Whatever it is a website, store or product in the form of a traditional industry. Perhaps you have already realized the importance of the design, but the different point is the way it […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Tai Lopez

January 8, 2020
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We live in a capitalist society. Now, many people will debate whether that is a good or a bad thing. But, what remains valid in both cases is that there is enough money for everyone to take. Although you need to work for it. Put in the work, and then you can reap the rewards. […]

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August 9, 2019

COMPARING IT WITH PREVIOUS VERSIONS Dell’s XPS series has always been a great windows alternative for the overpriced MacBooks that always offer lesser value than the price they ask for. XPS notebooks have more or less the same thickness and weight, the same screen quality (even better, for instance, the 4k display of XPS 15 […]

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WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review – Easy Your Digital Life

June 28, 2019

What we have to admit is that we are all involuntarily involved in the wave of video conversion software nowadays. Although this demand has declined over the past few years, there are still many times when we really need to convert the video so that we can enjoy it comfortably on a variety of allowable […]

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Everything you Need to Know About Cashback App – Kiindly

October 24, 2018

Kiindly is an iOS-compatible cashback app that offers 80% off luxury deals. The app is affiliated with over 1,200 trusted stores, including Macy’s, Ebay, Target and Walmart. You can check top online deals on clothing, travel, education, technology products, office furniture, etc., use discount coupons available with Kiindly to shop at your favourite stores online […]

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PureVPN Review 2018

August 31, 2018

The Hong Kong-based VPN giant, PureVPN, is regarded as the best VPN for a couple of years now. That is largely attributed to the face that the VPN service has delivered users with the best unblocking, file-sharing and streaming experience. PureVPN boasts a global network of 2000+ servers, 300,000+ IPs based in 180+ locations. With […]

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OnePlus 6 Avengers Edition Hands-On Overview

May 22, 2018

The Shenzhen smartphone maker has once again teamed up with Disney to release a special edition of their newest handset. This time it’s based on the latest Marvel blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War. Unlike the last iteration, which was randomly released a month after the handset, OnePlus has decided to announce it alongside the standard model. […]

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Quick Review: TATTU 30w Double USB Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

May 17, 2018

These days, with the kind of powerhouses we have as smartphones, a “1A” car charger is rarely going to cut it, and often you need a double, so your passenger can charge their phone too. Might as well get something out of the trip, right? That’s why you need a high amp usb car charger […]

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How to Batch Edit Photos on Windows and Mac

May 3, 2018

Batch editing images is the optimal solution for those who work on a constant basis with large collections of pictures. Whether you’re a photographer looking to convert dozens of RAW files after an event, a graphic designer looking to resize a group of images or perhaps a real estate agent looking to optimize property photos, […]

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Raid Movie Review

April 10, 2018

Raid is a just released film based on real life incidents. The men leading from behind the camera, are the director Raj Kumar Gupta and the Writer Ritesh Shah. The cast leading in front of the camera are Ajay Devgn, Saurabh Shukla, Illeana D’cruz, Gayathri Iyer and Saanand Verma. Supporting the main cast, the movie […]

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Making The Smart Switch – Automating Your Airbnb Business

November 16, 2017

The efficiency of an Airbnb rental business can increase dramatically when a host decides to work smarter (instead of harder). Nowadays it has in fact become so much easier for hosts to work smartly thanks to the widespread availability of smart devices with Internet access and all kinds of software. With the help of technology, […]

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Movavi Video Converter Review: Convert Video Formats Effectively

November 15, 2017

As much as you’re probably aware that videos come in many different formats, you can largely afford to ignore them – until you run across one that you can’t seem to play. That is when you may try to look for special players that can handle that format, or some other way to make it […]

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Review: World’s thinnest leather case for iPhone

August 10, 2017

UPDATE – 19th September 2017: After another 1.5 months of use, so total around 3 months, my case has started to come apart. Which is sad, cause I really liked this case a lot! It’s the leather-part of the back that apparently no longer sticks to the actual case (see photos). It’s no worse than […]

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No Photoshop Skills? Easily Edit Your Images like a Pro with Fotor

June 29, 2017

Fotor is a photo editing software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android that helps take out the hassle of complex image editing. If you do not have any experience using Photoshop, fear not, because you will surely appreciate the simplicity of Fotor. Best of all, the software is free! Editing your photos in Fotor is […]

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Review of Microsoft Xbox One S

January 18, 2017

The Xbox One S is the upgrade to the existing Xbox One. Deep down it is the same console that Microsoft released in 2013 but there have been significant changes. It is forty percent smaller as compared to the original one. It is a slim white box rather than the bulky machine. It incorporates the […]

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Fotor vs Canva – Designated Photography Platform vs Tried and True Designer

July 7, 2016

With so many online graphic designers and imaging platforms, how do you find the one which is perfect for you? In this review, we are going to check out two very different online graphics designers and imaging platforms, determining their strengths and weaknesses relative to the unique requirements of the internet savvy designer and personal […]

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Review: ZUS – the world’s smartest car charger and car finder?

March 5, 2016

Raise your hand if you use your smartphone in the car as a navigation device. Yes, a lot of us do that. And we all know how much battery that consumes. Having the GPS active in a smartphone while the screen is on as well, means that after a few hours of driving, you’re not […]

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What Makes Sponsored Posts So Much Better For Businesses?

February 9, 2016

Sponsored posts on blogs are getting quite popular these days and have come out as one of the most effective, yet affordable methods for businesses to advertise and market their stuff. Some of the biggest businesses around the world have chosen this method to have their products marketed because they have understood the power of […]

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Stellar 509 review

July 4, 2014

The Indian budget smartphone is buzzing with various new handsets with great specifications and alluring price range. The Indian mobile maker, Spice Mobiles has come up with another new very affordable smartphone to join the marathon. The newly introduced Spice Stellar 509 comes with the attractive tag of Rs. 7,999, and needless to say is […]

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Mpie S5 Hands-on Review

June 19, 2014

Mpie S5 is an innovative Chinese-made cell phone with endless options and a low economical price. It is cutting edge and trending in all the industry markets, priced at $ 85.11. At that price, it is tempting. What is it like upon closer inspection? And will it please the upper level techno junkies? AMAZING AND […]

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Review: Innovative touchscreen laptops

January 9, 2014

It’s amazing how quickly technology advances. One minute you’re sat in front of a hefty computer playing Tetris and the next you’re walking through town while talking to your friends on Skype. New products are being introduced all the time and with everything from smartphones to iPads taking the world by storm, it’s no wonder […]

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