PureVPN Review 2018

The Hong Kong-based VPN giant, PureVPN, is regarded as the best VPN for a couple of years now. That is largely attributed to the face that the VPN service has delivered users with the best unblocking, file-sharing and streaming experience.

PureVPN boasts a global network of 2000+ servers, 300,000+ IPs based in 180+ locations. With a large network of servers, some decent speeds, and strong security, it’s seemingly a solid option.

We’ve tried out the service to offer a full view of what you can expect. Find out about pricing, features, security, performance, and highlighted all the factors through pros and cons:

PureVPN Review – Pros and Cons



User Interface

PureVPN has a very simple user-friendly interface that makes it possible for even the non-techy users to use it without any difficulty.


The pricing plan is only available in 3 options (Monthly, Yearly and most popular 2 Year). If a user opts for the monthly package, per month price is significantly high.


Several speed tests and user reviews of PureVPN have confirmed that once you’re connected to PureVPN, the download speed and upload speed rarely slows down, unlike other VPN services.


Though PureVPN add-ons add value to your online experience, the add-ons are not free. While the add-ons aren’t free, PureVPN users suggest that these add-ons are worth the investment.


PureVPN provides remarkable functionality when it comes to sending and receiving sensitive files and documents over the internet. All outgoing and incoming traffic is encrypted, which makes it impossible for any invader to snoop on your information.

No Logs

PureVPN has a strict no logs policy. It does not log its user’s activity, or any of their web traffic. This guarantees that users will remain safe from all hackers, scammers, advertisers and even monitoring bodies known for logging user’s data online.

Payment Options

All popular online payment methods, such as PapPal, Cashu, and Bitcoin are accepted. All credit cards and master cards are also accepted.

Server locations

PureVPN has an extensive network of over 2000+ servers placed across 180 different locations.

Customer Support

The 24/7 customer support team is there to help users with their day to day queries. It has a track record of being able to satisfy 92% of users who come in with different concerns.

PureVPN Review – Apps

PureVPN offers apps on nearly all devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Firestick, Google Chrome and Firefox extension, and router among several others. PureVPN reports a user base of 3 million+ satisfied users with millions of downloads and 4-star ratings.

If you’ll read some of PureVPN reviews on the App Store and Play Store, you’ll notice that the PureVPN reviews are mostly positive which show that the VPN service is offering great connectivity, performance and reliable service.

PureVPN Review – Multilingual

Since PureVPN is a global service, offering VPN services to users across the globe, the VPN app and website is available in many languages and provides multilingual functionality to people from different countries.

PureVPN specializes in building solutions which match the needs of the natives. The VPN service offers support in French, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and many other popular languages, including Portuguese and Spanish.

Guest article written by: John B Vergara is Technology enthusiast, and cyber security analyst from Beaverton, he writes & contribute blogs in his spare time. Facebook, Twitter

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