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Product reviewing websites have always been the favorite for many tech enthusiasts. Although the era of video content including every product available from different fields has cut out the audience of the usual audience who used to visit the websites in order to get the best possible review of the products they are looking for, the page traffics has never decreased. There may be many reasons for that but what we are looking forward to now is to give you the list of the top 10 product reviewing websites.

The parameters have been the content quality and the depth of the detail they go for reviewing the product and obviously the overall user experience.

1. Consumer Reports


It is a non-profit reviewing website and has set out to give you the scoop with the most comprehensive rating and review system available online.

Apart from reviews it has a very dedicated team focused on giving the best and most reliable news too. The site has community support and has a very large community that tries to help and reach out to the needy. Its not just a site it is a family for many.

2. TheDigitalHacker


TheDigitalHacker is a team of honest reviewers who use a combination of online research, real-time product testing, consumer feedback analysis and real customer product critics to determine the best products. The products are neatly categorized and well-arranged making them very easy to be accessed by the user. 

The data is researched, reviewed by the top professionals and real tech geeks. TheDigitalHacker is also a platform where companies are smashed with real reviews and criticism from real customers. 

3. CNet


CNet is a web division of CCBS interactive and over the clock has proved itself to be one of the most reliable and comprehensive sites for Products Review. It covers a very wide range of products for review- from electronics to software to web hosting, etc.

Apart from the editors review the presence of users review makes the page very transparent and reliable.

4. PC Magazine


PC Magazine offers you an unbiased and honest review of products in a variety of technology and appliance-based categories. They provide you with a very detailed description of the products and give star ratings making it easier for the reader to choose which appliance they should go for.

Unlike other sites, they do thorough research on the products they are going to review along with using it personally giving you a better perspective which is not common.

5. Toms guide


Toms hardware is the best computer and component review website till date. It is focused on consumer technology as a whole. Apart from the reviews similar to the PC mags they too use the product by themselves. 

Apart from that they have an active user community to answer specific questions.

6. Wirecutter


The wirecutter is a website put on by The New York Times reviewing many products sent by them.

Regardless of whichever household item you’re looking for, their reviewers will be telling you which is the best model and why.

7. Wired reviews is one of it’s kind, and is best known for its incredible picture of the products and the reviews as well.

Though the reviewed products are mostly electronic-based, they are thoroughly reviewed, but user review is not much or nonexistent on the website.

The overall user experience is quite commendable and is good only problem is with the lack of user review.

8. IGN


It was founded in 1996 and has been providing the gamers with reviews and gaming guides ever since. Whether you are looking for your most anticipated upcoming game release or an in-depth player guide to beat the game you’re into right now all here in one place.

IGN is the definitive gamer resource for every platform from consoles to PC to mobile.

9. Edmunds


If you’re looking to buy a car, Edmunds could be the best place to check all the customer reviews and information that you might be searching for. Every make and model is covered for decades, and the site has long been known for providing unbiased and comprehensive information on cars.

If you are confused about which car to buy then this is the best website you can go for.

10. Trusted Reviews


Trusted Reviews has comprehensive categories of product reviews including Video reviews. The website is dominated by editorial review rather than user reviews. You can compare the pricing and specification of different product models.

It is one of the best websites you could go on the internet to search for product reviews.

So what is it that makes these pages better than other product reviewing pages? 

Overall user experience

A website is said to be good if the users are loving it, so it goes the same with these pages which have been shortlisted by us, the overall user experience which includes the page loading speed, interactiveness, and content quality.

Build Quality

The websites have very good build quality, the styling used as well as the designs for their specific topics all these makes them better than their competitors.

Q&A option

The option for asking queries makes them more interactive, and creates a personal bonding with the audience which is why they have a large amount of traffic.

Brand Value/Reliability

The brand value of each of these websites has reached an epitome due to the fact that they are reliable and the information published is true. Ultimately it happens due to the effort that these websites put in order to deliver their audience with genuine and impartial information.


The listing of all the websites that we have done over here are from different fields, some are tech-related, household appliances related, car-related and etc. 

Ranking the website with different domains was quite tough but we listed them according to their connectivity with the user, the interaction, and the relation that they could create with a user making them eager to come back and trust them. 

Most of the websites are no. 1 in their particular domain so this review was among the best and was obviously tough for us. But in the end, it was quite fun to give our readers what they were looking for.

Guest article written by: Benny Paul, writer at The Digital Hacker

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