Use Digital Marketing to Connect Your Business to Your Community

Feature Image from Pexels – CC0 License Connecting to your local community is an excellent way to keep your business flourishing. When you’re involved with your community, you can ensure you have good brand recognition and that people think of your business as part of their area or neighborhood. If you want to connect to … Read more →

Benefits of online community and web self-service for businesses during a time of remote working 

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are compelled to adapt and diversify to ensure that they remain fully operational.  With the majority of us not experiencing something like this before, it can become an overwhelming and disheartening time. In times like this, we must rely on social technology to ensure that we can … Read more →

10 Cool Communities Every Traveler Should Follow

“Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you” True to this popular saying, traveling is perhaps the most liberating thing in the world. It not only sets you free but also lets you explore the world, and makes you realize how much you have been missing out on. As they say, never settle. Travelling … Read more →

Online surveys and community managing: what solutions to conduct market research?

For a business wishing to grow, there is no other option than conducting market research in order to learn about customers expectations and make sure to develop your activity according to their needs. Without market research, how could you possible guess what they want and what you need to offer in order to keep them … Read more →

Making The Smart Switch – Automating Your Airbnb Business

The efficiency of an Airbnb rental business can increase dramatically when a host decides to work smarter (instead of harder). Nowadays it has in fact become so much easier for hosts to work smartly thanks to the widespread availability of smart devices with Internet access and all kinds of software. With the help of technology, … Read more →

How Chore Relief Connects The Community Together And Helps To Empower Local Businesses

A local community thrives when small businesses are successful and employ the local population. This supports the economy and offers people opportunities to remain in their hometowns instead of moving to big cities to earn a living. At Chore Relief, we’ve always been passionate in our support for the local community and hope to help … Read more →