10 Cool Communities Every Traveler Should Follow

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“Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you”

True to this popular saying, traveling is perhaps the most liberating thing in the world. It not only sets you free but also lets you explore the world, and makes you realize how much you have been missing out on. As they say, never settle. Travelling can change your world, literally.

However, in today’s world where crime-rates are high and corruption rates increasing, it is best to know your destination well in advance. This preparation not you help you stay alert but also give you a deep understanding of the place you are going to visit by others who have already been there and explored uncharted lands well in-advance. You can also compare your journey with theirs, listing their cons and matching it against yours, further helping other tourists and fellow travellers. And where can you do all of this? Travel forums, of course!

Travel forums are extremely helpful because they not only solve your query and give you insights and information, but you also make new friends with travelling as your filter. What more can you possibly want?! And to make things easier for you, we have listed the best travel-based forums. The rest of the job lies with you, Young Frodo. Go ahead and explore the world!

Here are the top 10 travel forums that you can go to right now and explore!

Lonely Planet (The Thorn Tree)- If you a regular traveller or just started researching, you have probably heard about The Lonely Planet. One of the most popular and largest travel guidebook publishers, they have sold over 120 million books. Their online community, the Thorn Tree was started in 1996 and is named after a Naivasha thorn tree. This particular tree has been used as a message board for the city of Nairobi, Kenya since 1902, and thus the name for their forum. The Thorn Tree covers every country and continent, with a huge number of active users. You can not only find out about places and visits but also find travel buddies or information about solo trips. When it comes to online forums, this one is certainly the best.

Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums- Fodor’s is another major travel guidebook and publisher. Each of their forum threads have a lot of engagement and these forums are segregated based on the continents, countries etc. One of the most interesting features of this website is that they have “Trip Reports”, which is basically a comprehensive and deep report of the places the users have been. The threads about Europe on this forum are really impressive.

Reddit (Subreddit: Backpacking)- Reddit has probably changed how we see forums today forever. A very popular website with the younger generation, reddit offers news, memes and information about everything else! A subreddit (forum within reddit) known ad Backpacking, just completed 10 years and has over 1 million members offering trips across every possible place across the world. Personally, we love this thread as it is not only comprehensive but very engaging. Full of various tips and hacks, you can visit new places without feeling alienated as such. This forum covers everything, right from shoestring budget trips to a lavish stay. Check it out and thank us later!

Microsoft Kaizala Travel Group – The tech giant Microsoft launched Kaizala, brand new communication and productivity App. Kaizala is loaded with many interesting public groups that you can join and one such is the Travel group. The group is full of travelers, trekkers, and hiking enthusiasts who share their experiences and information about places around the world. From details on hotels to destinations, Kaizala Travel Group has every information and assistance that you might probably need.

TripAdvisor Forum- Trip Advisor needs no introduction. This American website started 19 years ago and is considered to be a compass for travel enthusiasts. And due to its expertise, you can also refer to its community forum, which hosts a huge amount of tales, stories, experiences and tips for budding and professional travellers. Choose a country or even a small town, TripAdvisor’s forum is always active and ready to help you out. If you are looking for a library of information, this is it.

Reddit (Subreddit: Solo Travel)- Got to love Reddit now, don’t we? Another popular subreddit, as the name indicates, this one is primarily geared for redditors who are planning on solo trips or want to share their experiences. If a sabbatical is what you are looking for from your daily monotonous life, why not go solo? And if you are, why not try this out! Tips and advice range from not only about new places but also on how to pack, what you need for a specific trip etc. And this sub is pretty active!

Nomadic Mat – If you’re a backpacker, this is the best place for you to find your muse. Nomadic Mat is a website cum travel forum that encourages people to come out of their shell and explore the world with their backpacks. The website has been featured by National Geographic, BBC, Times, etc for the kind of guidance it provides. Ditch your cubicles and set out to witness a magical world full of adventure! The forum also has many other travelers who share about their experiences and help you get the best one on your trip.

Travellers Point – Looking for a cool travel forum to help you plan your trip? You’ve landed on the perfect page. This independent and completely non-commercial forum helps travellers find like-minded people. Need a friend for your next trip or want to plan out your dream tour? Let the best people help you with real experiences and meaningful advice. Join the forum to start your own travel blog, plan your trip, or create a travel map. It’s one of the coolest forums to be a part of.

Trippy – Another website to help you plan your trips, Trippy is for all those who like to stamp their passports really often. Book the best hotels and hostels at great deals, pick a beautiful destination, and gather all the information you can about your next destination right at one place. The forum lets you ask all the travel-related question to experts. You ask, people answer, others like and that’s how you learn and grow in the forum. Whether it’s your solo trip or a group tour, get the most authentic information on Trippy.

Travelling Around the World – This Facebook page is for people of all age groups. Young, old, kid or whoever, if traveling is your first love, you are most welcome to join this Facebook group. There are various events and expeditions that you can be a part of. It’s an encyclopedia of traveling that can help you unlock every detail that you might ever need.

Here are some of the other comunities worth checking out:

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