How to Avoid Traffic Jams Like a Boss

How bad is the traffic in your town? The data is in, commutes are getting longer, with the average commute in the U.S. inching up to 27 minutes, which means the average driver spent about 97 hours in stop-and-go gridlock—or the equivalent of two-and-a-half work weeks. Depending on where you live, those numbers could be … Read more →

Tips for Sharing and Organizing Your Photos Online

Photo sharing and social networking sites are have become increasingly popular for organizing and sharing photos online. Usually, such sites offer free services with storage space of varying sizes. Some charge for extra premium services and for storage which exceeds the free quota. Photo sharing sites are not just useful for organizing and sharing photos. … Read more →

Twittley – A Digg-Like Twitter Community (Button Shuffle Colors)

Twittley is Twitter tool that allows your blog/website visitors to easily tweet your posts to their Twitter feed, just like Tweetmeme does it. Twittley however, also offers Digg-like features on the Twittley website. Just like you can vote on articles on Digg, by digging them, you can vote on articles on Twittley by tweeting them. … Read more →